March 2019 Monthly Check-in

Well, one thing I learned this past month? I tend to forget the other things that need to be done or that need my attention when I’m making my goals. I look and think: Oh, I have 31 days to write and do all the writerly things. And that is just not true, because life and family and the sobering fact of being chronically ill. :-/

So, long story short — I didn’t hit a lot of my goals for the month. But let’s take a look, shall we?

  • Write daily. I’m bumping my daily minimum from 100 to 250 words. I did do this, and I’m very proud of that. Though some days I only got 100 words, but on average I was hitting that 250. And I wrote EVERY DAY.
  • Complete and publish Stealing Time. *sigh* Not quite. This book ended up with a life of it’s own and is longer than I had planned. Not a bad thing, and I’m trusting the story and the characters. I love these boys so much, and I can’t wait to send them off into the world…which WILL happen in April.
  • Work on co-writing holiday Bound story with Bronwyn. We tabled this and will be working on the story over the summer because we both want to focus on getting projects done and released.
  • All scheduled blog posts. Didn’t manage this either, but I did do most of them, and I’ll be happy with that.
  • Re-release the five contemporary books I’ve gotten the rights back for. I shifted this to one of my quarter two goals, so I could focus on finishing Stealing Time (again, need to be more realistic about what I can do with the days I have!) However, I did get the books formatted and ready for release, so I’ve taken steps TOWARD this goal. 🙂
  • Be more active on social media. I have done this. I’ve been doing a watchalong of The Magicians with my kiddo on Twitter every Thursday. Have been active, particularly on FB, and having fun with it.
  • Continue to make self-care a priority. I think I’ve been doing this. I’m still learning to listen to my body, to be honest. Not always an easy thing when I want to do do all the things and it’s just not feasible.

And there were things I accomplished that weren’t on that list. I took a course that focused on making more realistic goals – it was a big eye-opener, and the result is I feel I’ve made much more reasonable goals for the second quarter of the year. I’m confident in my plans, and isn’t that a new and awesome feeling!? LOL Love it.

I took a trip to San Antonio with my husband and daughter to see her boyfriend’s graduation from basic training with the Air Force. Those days were definitely not writing day, but no regrets. We had a great time, and I’m so, so happy we were able to go.

Also, I’m feeling really good about what I’ve accomplished. Not only is the month ending, but it’s the end of the first quarter of 2019. I have written more this quarter than I did all of last year. That is something that makes me so freaking happy!

Now, onward to April… I’ve taken into account that the hubby is going to be gone 2 weeks out of the month, and that is going to make things a bit hectic for this girl. So, my goals:

  • Write daily – 250 words minimum.
  • Release and promote Stealing Time.
  • Most of schedule blog posts (aiming for all, but will be happy as long as I get most of them).
  • Continue being active on social media.
  • Listen to my body and practice good self-care.

And that’s it’s for me. Make sure you check out how Bronwyn did this month and what she’s aiming for in March.

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