Lie Revealed…

On Wednesday, the other ladies and I posted 3 truths and a lie, with the promise to reveal the lie today.

So here is what I posted.

I spent more than one summer traveling hundreds of miles in the back of a VW minibus/van that makes Bron green with envy (See what I did there…) – This is true. So many memories of riding with the family in that thing with classic rock playing on the radio. 

I’ve only lived in two states – Michigan and Minnesota. Midwestern girl, I am. – This is the lie. I’m still a Midwestern girl, through and through, but lived in a Wisconsin for a time when hubs had an internship there. 

I don’t care for chocolate. I could take it or leave it. – Truth. Don’t hate it or anything. Just don’t crave it or love it. 

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Lip Sync Battle. – Yes. Whether it’s on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show or the show on Spike TV, I love watching Lip Sync Battle. 

And there you go!

4 Replies to “Lie Revealed…”

  1. I love lip sync battler. So far my favorites are Joseph Gordan Levitt (always, I love him, except in Don Juan..) and Emma Stone (doing Blues Travellers)

  2. I should spellcheck…battler lol.
    Also, I almost thought there couldn’t be a lie in there. I forgot about Oshkosh!

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