Legion XIII: The Stolen Eagle


“The Stolen Eagle”
Or The One When Enemies Act Like Rival Sports Teams & Steal Each Other’s Mascots and/or Trophies

Before I get to my post, a huge thank you to my girl, Isabel, for  making a gorgeous banner for our watch-a-long posts. She created out Merlin Club banner and deliver again for Legion XIII. You can check out her deviant art page here.

Quick rundown of the episode: The episode begins with a battle, ending with the surrender of the Gallic leader to Caesar. Not long after Caesar learns of his daughter’s death in childbirth. She was married to Pompey, Caesar’s friend and ally.

In the senate, Cato moves to have Caesar stripped of command and ordered back to Rome to answer charges of misusing his office among other things. Pompey vetoes the motion and insists he stands beside Caesar and will not betray him.

That night, Scipio introduces his daughter, Cornelia, to Pompey as a prospective wife. After, Cato tries to get Pompey on his side. Pompey holds his ground, even though, privately, he is concerned about Caesar’s growing power and gives orders to a slave heading to Gaul.

Atia of the Julii, Caesar’s nice, has ordered her son Octavian to bring a horse to Caesar to make sure he remembers them and their gift above all others. While on the road, Octavian’s party is attacked and taken prisoner.

At the 13th Legion’s camp, the standard—a gold eagle—is stolen. Mark Antony orders centurion Vorenus to retrieve it. Believing it to be a doomed mission, Vorenus chooses Titus Pullo—condemned to death for drunkenness and disobeying orders—to assist him.

Caesar welcomes Brutus—son of his lover Servilia of the Junii, into camp. When he returns to Rome, Brutus confides to Pompey that the loss of the eagle has made Caesar vulnerable and his men are close to mutiny.

In a letter from Caesar, brought by Brutus, Atia learns her uncle wants her to find a wife for Pompey. She is determined it will be her daughter, Octavia, who will marry Pompey. Atia has her daughter divorce her husband, Glabius, even though Octavia is resistant and in love with him, and presents her to Pompey. He says he must wait to officially marry—until after the mourning period for his late wife to pass—but agrees to the match, essentially. And Atia offers Octavia for sex basically—why wait, right?—and Pompey is on board with that.

Vorenus and Pullo search for the eagle—and saves Octavian from his captors along the way. He thanks them and promises they will be rewarded. They then discover Pompey’s slave with the eagle under on the cart—and realize that the men who took the eagle and Octavian were hired by Pompey. Octavian—who despite appearing to be a spoiled brat seems to be quite astute politically—says that Vorenus’ and Pullo’s mission was just for show. The theft of the eagle was actually a blessing. War between Caesar and Pompey is inevitable, but Caesar needs Pompey to be the aggressor.

The three ride into camp, triumphant and carrying the eagle. Caesar sends Pompy the head of his slave and a message that the 13th Legion will spend the winter at Ravenna. Pompey breaks away from Caesar completely—taking Cornelia, not Octavia, as his wife. Atia is furious at this turn of events while Octavia feels humiliated, and says she wants Pompey dead.

I think I remembered the important bits! LOL Now to the questions…

My favorite part of the episode: Being able to say “Holy Cow!” at this part…

holy cow
Atia goes through a ritual to help ensure her son’s safe return. A bull is sacrificed and she is covered in blood at the end.

…and having Oldest Kid groan and ask if I was proud of myself for that one. (Which I was. I really, really was.)

Also, this… After Titus Pullo is whipped…


My least favorite part of the episode: It being so chaotic in my house that I could hardly follow the episode?

Honestly, though, one of the things that bugged me was the way Atia pushed her daughter into marriage to Pompey. While I can admire her determination (and even the lengths to which she would go) to secure her family’s place, and even elevate it, the oh just fuck her now, no need to delay bugged me a bit.


Even though I would guess it her mind, she was making sure that the marriage happened? Though, that didn’t turn out so well.

Favorite costume: Octavia as her her mother was getting all bloody.


Team Atia or Team Servilia, and why: It’s too early to tell, for me, I think. Despite not liking some of the things she did, I admire Atia’s determination and schemey-ness. But I do like Sevilia (and I love Lindsay Duncan so so much…she was Queen Annis in Merlin!) and sympathize with her.

Basically, I’m not firmly on any team quite yet.

Favorite watch-a-long tweet:

Bonus – Oldest Kid’s favorite watch-a-long tweet (he even favorited it and he rarely does that):

What hairdo or costume would Bronwyn steal? Octavia’s outfit when she was leaving her husband…


What made Jenny super happy? Naked Atia…



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