Legion XIII: The Ram Has Touched The Wall


The Ram Has Touched The Wall
Or When Things Get Real

Quick rundown of the episode: So Pompey accepts Caesar’s offer of truce, which puts a wrench in Caesar’s plan because he never expected that. But he uses Pompey’s refusal to meet with him face-to-face as a reason to move forward.

Asia has gotten Pullo to tutor Octavian in the masculine arts—basically fighting, sex and the like. Octavian isn’t really digging the fighting thing, but the two seem to bond and Pullo confides that he has suspicions about Niobe and her bro-in-law. Octavian says the must know the truth before saying anything to Vorenus.

Vorenus isn’t doing so well. Most of his slaves have died and he still has to pay their transport and food—really, sucks that that idol was smashed during your party, eh, boy-o? He asks Erastes Fulmen for a loan. The man refuses but hires Vorenus—and it all seems really shady.

Atia hires her man Timon to paint graffiti all over of Caesar and Servilia—she’s not happy with the power the other woman has over Caesar. Caesar’s wife gives him an ultimatum—end things with Servila or she will divorce him.

Mrs. Caesar? Yeah, she’s having none of that, thank you very much!

Since he needs her family’s financial and political connections, Caesar agrees. He breaks it off and prepares to go after Pompey and his forces, leaving Antony in charge in Rome.

Pull kidnaps Evander—Niobe’s brother in law—and Octavian comes along. They torture Evander, and Octavian is quite cold about the whole thing.


Evander eventually confesses he had an affair with Niobe and the child Vorenus believes to be his grandchild is actually Evander and Niobe’s son. Pullo kills him and dumps his body into the sewer. Octavian says Vorenus can never learn about this and Pullo agrees.

Vorenus, after seeing and ultimately refusing to be Erastes’ bodyguard/enforcer, goes to Antony and pleads for the position he was offered before. Antony doesn’t seem thrilled but needing good soldiers around him, he makes Vorenus Evocati prefect. Though he does give him a smaller “signing bonus” than he was offered before.

Servilia is less than pleased at having been tossed aside after waiting and standing by her man for years. She inscribes on tablets, cursing both Caesar and Atia, and has a slave shove them between stones at their houses.

Caesar and his army reach the coast and find that Pompey has escaped to Greece.

My favorite part of the episode: I hate what leads to hit but Servilia? She is NOT messing around. Caesar and Atia better what their backs…

Honorable mention: Pullo and Octavian. I don’t know why that pairing…friendship?…whatever it is, is oddly compelling, right now.

My least favorite part of the episode: I have two, this week. 

One, Atia being all happy and basically congratulating her son when she things he and Caesar were fucking in the closet (last episode when Caesar had his episode). It was just icky.

And two, Caesar. When he breaks it off with Servilia… He actually had my sympathy a bit – he clearly loves Servilia; his marriage is obviously a convenience (which is common for that time. Marrying for love is a relatively modern thing). But as soon as he starts hitting her… Nuh uh. Nope. Done. He was not worth waiting nearly a decade for.

Favorite costume: See the pic of Mrs. Caesar. 🙂

Team Atia or Team Servilia, and why: Totally Team Servilia, this week. She didn’t deserve what happened to her and I’d like to see her get her own. Though I’m guessing nothing is going to be good for anyone….

Favorite watch-a-long tweet:

What hairdo or costume would Bronwyn steal? I feel like I’m cheating, but I”m going to refer to Mrs. Caesar again. I think Bron would want that outfit, big time.

What made Jenny super happy?

Bron’s take on “The Ram Has Touched the Wall”
No post this week from Jen, but she’ll be back next week!

Next week, 12/14 at 9pm EST, we’ll be watching S01E06 “Egeria”. We’ll be on Twitter with the hashtag #LegionXIII

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