Legion XIII: Stealing from Saturn

ROME BANNERStealing from Saturn
Or Jess Was So Drugged Up on Monday She Missed Full-Frontal Antony, But NEVER FEAR, She Rewatched….Again and Again….

(and here is your warning: there’s a screenshot below of said full-frontal…so think before you scroll…scroll responsibly, my darlings)

Quick rundown of the episode: This is super basic and not hitting everything. My apologies. It’s been a rough week… So Pompey and his buddies are out of Rome, discussing the situation. They expected Caesar’s men to desert when they found the treasury empty, but are concerned because the team Pompey et al sent to rob the treasury never made it to them. They learn that they were intercepted by Caesar’s scouts—led by Vorenus and Pullo. Pompey’s son, Quintus is convinced they kept the gold, and is sent by his dad to find out what really happened.

In Rome, Atia is being seen by many who want Caesar’s favor. She’s worried about Servilia’s influence over Caesar and plans a lavish party in his honor.

Vorenus is offered a post by Antony but since he sees Caesar’s actions as illegal he refuses. He plans on going into trade. He and Niobe host a feast in tribute to Janus. At that feast, Niobe’s sister puts up a fuss—because it is her husband who had an affair with Niobe and fathered her child. During the scuffle, the bust of Janus is destroyed—not a good omen.

While cleaning up, Quintus and his men come in asking about the gold—which Vorenus has no knowledge of. They are ready to kill Niobe when Pullo comes in with Eirene, both in rich clothing. He and Vorenus manage to overpower the men and tie up Quintus.

Pullo’s idea is for them to flee the country with the gold, but Vorenus wants it retuned to Caesar. With the gold and the captured Quintus, he thinks Caesar will show mercy. Pull isn’t so keen on the plan but since he hasn’t exactly kept his newfound wealth a secret, he reluctantly goes along with Vorenus’ plan.

At Atia’s dinner party, Caesar is called out to see Pullo. He does show mercy to him, but surprises Antony when he orders Quintus released and sent back to Pompey with terms of a truce. Antony obeys and goes with Pullo and some men to retrieve the gold.

Caesar confides in Octavian, who was watching. The younger man quickly works out what Caesar’s reasons were: Pompey will never accept, never surrender but Caesar’s show of clemency will push the other senators to abandon Pompey and seek out mercy from Caesar. Caesar is pleased with Octavian’s figuring things out but is then struck with an epileptic attack. His slave, Posca, hurries Caesar into an empty closet, telling Octavian no to call for a doctor. Saying his master’s condition must be kept secret. Once recovered, Caesar makes Octavian swear to never speak of it. One of Atia’s servants however has heard yelling and groaning from the closet and, when Octavia and Caesar emerge, hurries off—I’m assuming to tell Atia what has happened.

Returning to the party, Caesar orders his wife escorted home. He goes to Servile, who is quite happy to see him after his less than enthusiastic attitude toward her at the party.

Now, with the gold from the treasury, Caesar is given the formal blessing of priesthood in the temple.

Oh and Titus Pullo is totally putting two and two together about Niobe, her brother-in-law and the baby…. That cannot bode well.

My favorite part of the episode: Um, full frontal Mark Antony/James Purefoy. I know, shallow, shallow Jess but…


Honorable mention? That Pullo doesn’t get the frick out of Dodge when he gets the gold. No, he pretties himself up (and his new gf) and heads on over to see Vorenus. It gives me all sorts of warm fuzzies and my (J)armada continues to sail without a hitch.

My least favorite part of the episode: The revelation that it was her sister’s husband Niobe had the affair with. I did not like that, at all.

Favorite costume: Not even gonna lie…naked Mark Antony/James Purefoy. No question.

But, I feel the chick behind Servilia…honestly that hair…deserves to be pointed out. 🙂


Team Atia or Team Servilia, and why: This one is still hard for me. I don’t know why. I admire Atia and what she is willing to do (even if I don’t agree with it). And I really don’t feel like I know enough to be firmly in Team Servilia. So I’m leaning Team Atia, but reserving judgement at this time.

Favorite watch-a-long tweet: I had to go and scroll through (again, I was super-medicated during the actual watching so I didn’t remember much) all the tweets. There were some good ones but I actually snorted tea when I saw this one…because I don’t remember saying that!

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 8.49.31 PM

It’s good to know I’m still pretty much ME when I’m out of it. 🙂

What hairdo or costume would Bronwyn steal? 

1x04-Stealing-From-Saturn-rome-18978113-1702-2560What made Jenny super happy? Same as my favorite part of the episode… (Though to be fair, I think this was EVERYONE’S fave part and made EVERYONE super, super happy)

Mac Antony

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