Legion XIII: Pharsalus


Or The One Where Pompey Thinks He’s Home Free…But Not So Much…

Gonna be a short one this week. Apologies. For an in depth recap, if you’d like, check out the Rome Wiki page.

My favorite part of the episode: Couple things – Servilia/Octavia getting together, Pullo and Vorenus surviving the shipwreck, Pullo thinking about finding his mom in the afterlife and worrying about her not recognizing him, and when Vorenus is all aggressive and the Greek dude looks at Pullo and is all what’s wrong with him, and Pullo just smirks and shrugs…

My least favorite part of the episode: That Pompey’s wife and kid had to watch him get killed and have his head chopped off. That wasn’t cool.

Favorite costume: Octavia

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 11.17.12 PM

Team Atia or Team Servillia, and why: Team Servilia. She got hers, this week, that’s for sure. I really like her and Octavia finding comfort with each other, but I’m waiting for it to all fall apart and go horribly wrong, because I can’t imagine it’s going to go any other way. Octavia is my favorite and things are bound to go bad for her… BADTHINGS

Favorite watch-a-long tweet:

What hairdo or costume would Bronwyn steal? I believe Bron would go totally dig Atia’s wardrobe and hair this episode…and who wouldn’t.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 11.19.31 PM

What made Jenny super happy? Not sure. Though I think she was happy with the fact they showed Octavia enjoying a bit of “me time”. Because c’mon, the girl deserves it!

Bron’s take on “Pharsalus” Jen’s take on “Pharsalus”

Next week, 1/18 at 9pm EST, we’ll be watching S01E08 “Caesarion”. We’ll be on Twitter with the hashtag #LegionXIII

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