Legion XIII: How Titus Pullo Brought Down the Republic


How Titus Pullo Brought Down the Republic
Or Admiral Jess Adds Another Ship to her Mighty (J)Armada

Quick rundown of the episode: Caesar’s proconsulship in Gaul is expiring and will lose any immunity he had. To get around this – since all ties with Pompey are cut – he has ensured Mark Antony is elected Tribune of the People. Antony will now have veto power in the senate.

Vorenus and Pullo return to Rome. After bringing Octavian home, and an awkward meal with his mother, Vorenus goes home to his wife, Niobe. Finding a baby in her arms, he assumes the worse and is a general dick. She says the chid is his grandson by his 14-year-old daughter.


Meanwhile, Pullo is busy with prostitutes and gambling. When he discovers he’s being cheated, he stabs the man in the throat and a huge fight breaks out. Pullo is injured but manages to make his way to Vorenus’ home. There, Vorenus hires a physician to perform brain surgery.


Mark Antony, after officially becoming Tribune of the People, goes to Atia and gets his groove on.

tumblr_mpksdo9wjM1qgfbkmo5_250Her daughter is less than thrilled with her mother, for so many reasons, and seems quite disgusted with her mother screwing Mark Antony.

Pompey is a busy little bee – trying to pass a motion in the senate that Caesar surrender his command or be declared an enemy. He wants the motion to pass and Mark Antony to veto it so any resulting fall out can be laid at Caesar’s feet. But when the motion passes, chaos breaks out and Antony’s veto isn’t recorded. Pompey tries to arrange for the session to continue the next day so it can be recorded and gives orders to his people that Antony is not to be harmed.

Antony calls on the 13th Legion—Vorenus and Pullo, included—for protection as he feels his association with Caesar puts him in danger. With this protection, Mark Antony makes his way to the forum to record his veto. A man attacks and is quickly killed, but this results in a bloody fight as Pompey leaves the senate.


Vorenus and Pullo escape with Antony, though Vorenus is injured, and go to Caesar in Gaul. Now publicly declared an enemy of Rome by the senate, Caesar marches toward Rome. News arrives in Rome that Caesar and his army have crossed the Rubicon River.

The episode ends with Niobe nursing the baby, which is obviously hers, not their daughter’s.

My favorite part of the episode: Octavia! (Sorry for all the GIFs but it’s glorious!)

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My least favorite part of the episode: Vorenus being such a dick. I kinda get it, to a point, ya know? But it was a bit much.

Also, I KNEW the baby was Niobe’s. I KNEW IT. BUT what I want to know is how the HELL did Vorenus not know his wife was lactating??? I mean, she obviously didn’t feed the baby around hi to protect her secret but I feel he’d have noticed her breasts being full, particularly during the sexy time. Just saying.

Favorite costume: Atia’s gown.

Created by AccuSoft Corp.

Team Atia or Team Servilia, and why: Didn’t really see Servilia in this episode (or did I totally space?) so still not firmly on either team. I do admire Atia’s determination to secure her and her family’s position, even if I don’t particularly like how she does it.

Favorite watch-a-long tweet: It is so hard to pick just one! I see this being a problem each week!

What hairdo or costume would Bronwyn steal? Octavia’s hair. tve56168-1666-200594-0 What made Jenny super happy? Can’t find a GIF of this to save my life, but when Vorenus takes Niobe to task for her “tone” and she yells back…

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