Legion XIII: An Owl in a Thornbush


An Owl in a Thornbush
Or…My Love For Octavia Grows

Quick rundown of the episode: Going to rely on Bron and Jen’s recaps this week. It’s been a horrible, no good, very bad week for me, so my plan is to answer these questions and just go to bed. And it will be better in the morning, damn it!

So I apologize for my quick post for this week. 🙁

My favorite part of the episode: Atia and Octavia arguing about who will kill Octavia if the unruly mob succeeds in breaking in. That was brilliant. I adore Octavia.

And honorable mention – Vorenus going to Pullo for advice on women, particularly when it resulted in this…

tumblr_mww05cmQhu1sxbi7ao2_250tumblr_mww05cmQhu1sxbi7ao1_250 tumblr_mww05cmQhu1sxbi7ao4_250tumblr_mww05cmQhu1sxbi7ao3_250My least favorite part of the episode: Atia having Glabius killed. I did not like that.

Favorite costume: Servilia’s dress


Team Atia or Team Servilia, and why: Still not firmly on either team. Atia delights me. But I have to admire Servilia. Staying behind, waiting for Caesar with all that is happening – I actually see that as a pretty strong move. Though I’m guessing it’s not going to turn out well for her. Just a gut feeling.

Favorite watch-a-long tweet:

What hairdo or costume would Bronwyn steal? Atia’s dress…hell, her hair here, too.


What made Jenny super happy? 2 things – “Juno’s cunt!” and the fight between Atia and Octavia.

Bron’s take on “An Owl in a Thornbush” Jen’s take on “An Owl in a Thornbush”

We’ll be taking next week off.
Join us the following week 11/30,  at 9pm EST, we’ll be watching S01E04 “Stealing Saturn”. We’ll be on Twitter with the hashtag #LegionXIII

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