Wednesday Randomness: If I Die…Please Wipe My Internet History…

Happy Wednesday, you lovely, lovely people.

If Anyone Saw My Internet History…

Well, here’s a list of things I’ve searched for online recently. In no particular order.

  • Whether one could cause an explosion with photo developing chemicals.
  • Availability of prescription drugs without prescription.
  • Abuse of prescription drugs
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • D/s lifestyle
  • Subspace, subdrop and aftercare
  • Hand-fasting ceremonies
  • BBC Merlin & related searches (this pops up a lot doing Merlin Club. Looking for screenshots or double checking the order of what happenened during an episode if I can’t rewatch it at that moment)
  • Colin Morgan MAY be heavily searched. Perhaps. I cannot confirm that at this time.
  • Same goes for Bradley James to a slightly lesser degree.
  • Breathplay – safety, the dangers, etc
  • Swordfighting (lots of videos here)
  • Knights of King Arthur
  • Arthurian legend (several searches about this and aspects of the legend – sword in the stone, lady of the lake, etc)
  • London (Lots of searches on places in and around London while planning for my upcoming. This has been steadily increasing each day.)

Most of those searches are researching for a book. Some not. But there are people in my life who would probably be horrified to see those sites pop up on the screen. Good thing no one is allowed on my computer, yeah? Well, the hubs will sometimes check something quick, but I really don’t think anything I search for is going to shock him at this point. LOL

Wonder what the other Wednesday ladies are looking up!

Bronwyn Green • Jenny Trout • Gwendolyn Cease


Until next week!



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