Computer Woes & Wanting a Do Over…Now Please

Most everyone has heard me whine about my computer dying. 🙁 And it probably won’t stop any time soon – feel free to slap me upside the head if it gets to be too much. I won’t mind. LOL

I’m lucky enough to be able to borrow a laptop from a family member until I can replace it, but it’s a pain in the ass working on a strange computer without my programs and files. Oh, I didn’t lose work – THOSE files I saved and backed up like nobody’s business. So, it really could be worse.

My website was updated this last week, and there was a slight hiccup, and my blog was lost. Since I’d just moved from Blogger to here, most of my posts are safe, but not so much the last two months of posts. I did back up my posts – sans pictures – so I’m working on getting those back up. Especially the Merlin Club ones, but it may take me a little bit.

So yeah, that stuff in addition to some every day things have me exhausted and wanting to sleep for a week.


But I”m going to plow forward, my friends. Because there are things to be done. 😀

I hope everyone else is having a fabulous week!



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