In the craziness of the month, I am late to announce this, but…

I’m super excited to be re-releasing a series that I just love! Seeking Shelter was so much fun to write, and I’m very happy to get it back out there.

NOTE: These books have been previously published, but have undergone edits and revisions prior to re-release.

This new world is full of risks, but which is greater…being alone or trusting others?

For Grace Summers, life after the super solar flare and deadly viral outbreak can be summed up in one word. Alone. Having lost everyone she loved, Grace travels on foot to her family’s remote hunting cabin, where her father had stockpiled food and supplies for this type of situation.

Along the way, she meets Noah Hill and Ethan Erikson, a couple traveling the same direction. Grace struggles with her attraction to the pair until they make it clear they are just as interested in her.

With Noah and Ethan, Grace is no longer alone, but can she bring herself to trust them in this new world where everyone is just trying to survive no matter the cost?

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Is it worth risking what little they have left in this world to go after what they secretly want?

Best friends, Jack Penn and Isaac Ryan had each other’s backs long before the super solar flare and deadly epidemic sent the world straight to hell seven years before. When Jack falls ill, Isaac is terrified of losing the one constant in his life—the very straight man he’s been secretly in love with forever.

Unable to face, or even understand, his new feelings for his friend, Jack is intent to push them aside for the sake of their friendship. When beautiful Chloe Collins and her family offer them aid, he can’t deny the pull he feels towards her, but it only complicates things as his erotic thoughts about Isaac refuse to fade.

The last thing Chloe expects is her attraction to the two men they’ve taken in. She can see the way they feel for each other, and for her, even if they refuse to acknowledge it. Can Jack and Isaac admit what they want and give in to it, especially when the threat of violence from their past dealings looms ever closer?

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He has always been her light in the darkest times…but now that things have changed, will she be left behind in the shadows?

Katie Fulton knows how lucky she is. After the world went to hell, years back, she’d found her way to a group of people who took her in and loved her as their own. The troubled times seem to be in the past. So, Katie has every reason to be happy and content. But she isn’t. The reason for that can be summed up in one word. Drew.

Drew Collins has been in love with Katie since the day he met her, but the girl has been through so much in her life, he can’t bring himself to take her, to own her in the way he craves. At least until he realizes she needs him as much as he needs her.

But their coming together isn’t well received—by some in their group and those outside. Can the haven they’ve found in each other survive the opposition they face?

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Sanctuary, Refuge, and Haven are also available together in one print volume.

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NEW RELEASE: Tempted to Death

Tempted to Death, which was part of the Dark Pursuit collection, is now available on it’s own! TEMPTED TO DEATH

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Months ago, Tara Wilcox ran away from Luca Castell and Oliver Gordon. She’d fallen hard for the pair of hunters and feared their growing feelings for her. But what truly terrified her was the possibility that they’d discover what she really is. That she’s the very thing they hunted.

Luca and Oliver are partners, in every sense of the word, and their lives are spent running toward danger. Falling for Tara was the biggest risk they’d ever taken, and her vanishing without a word gutted them.

But, she’s back, desperate for their help in hunting a vicious para creature. Despite the risks—to their lives and their hearts—reigniting the love they’d had is simple. But nothing is simple when, faced with an impossible choice, Tara reveals her true nature.

Now that Luca and Oliver know the truth, Tara has another choice to make—run again or trust that their love is strong enough to look beyond the monster she fears they’ll see.


Luca Castell leaned against the headboard as Oliver brushed his teeth. Luca’s head pounded, and he just wanted to go to sleep. Get a couple solid hours before he had to face Tara and her brother, again. And as hardheaded and dickish as the researcher was, it was Tara who had Luca’s stomach in knots. And he knew Oliver was in the same state.

So much for being over her.

A knock sounded, and Oliver stepped out of the bathroom. “Told you so.”

Luca rolled his eyes. “Sure it’s her?”

“Of course, I am. Hello, Tara,” Oliver drawled, pulling open the door without even looking through the peephole.

Tara jolted back slightly, shock clear in her wide green eyes. She clutched several files to her chest and looked between Oliver and Luca. She wet her lips, and the muscles of her throat worked as she swallowed.

“Well?” Oliver swept his arm to his side. “Not going to stand here with the door open all night.”

“Oh, sorry!”

She stepped quickly past him but didn’t move far into the room. She stood, knuckles whitening and folders crinkling under her tight grip. Luca frowned, taking the the time he didn’t before to really look at her. This was not the confident, spit-fire hunter they knew. Her skin, already pale, was nearly translucent, the freckles over her nose and cheeks standing out more harshly than ever. And the dark circles under her eyes… Luca would put it down to worry and grief over her sister-in-law, but that wouldn’t account for the amount of weight she’d clearly lost. Tara had always been tiny—deceptively so because she could definitely take care of herself—but now… Now, the cargo pants she wore hung loosely on her hips, and she was practically swimming in the t-shirt and lightweight jacket.

“What do you need, Tara?”

Luca turned his gaze toward Oliver. His partner had an air of indifference, but he was anything but. Even his words had an edge of tension that Luca wanted to soothe—would soothe as soon as they were alone.

He wondered if she could hear it, if she even had a clue how much she’d fucked them both when she’d taken off. The way she was staring at Oliver, right now—eyes still wide, full lips trembling slightly—Luca thought maybe. Maybe a little.

“I thought…” Her gaze flicked toward Luca then back to Oliver. “Here are our files. Everything we have about the victims—their movements the weeks before their deaths, as best as we could piece together—the crime scenes…” She shoved the folders at Oliver, shaking them slightly when he didn’t take them right away.

“What are you really doing here?” he asked, taking the files and tossing them onto the small table near the window. “These could have waited until morning, and you know it.”

She pressed her lips together and drew a deep breath through her nose, eyes closed. Opening them again, she said, “I just wanted to make sure we were okay. That…that there wouldn’t be any problems.”

“Problems?” Oliver lifted a brow.

“With us working together,” she clarified. “I know we didn’t end things in the best way, and—”

We didn’t end things at all, sweetheart,” Oliver snapped.

“You ghosted. Disappeared on us without a word,” Luca added.

She fingered the hem of her t-shirt, dropping her gaze. “I know. That was really shitty of me.”

An awkward silence fell over the room, broken by Oliver’s disbelieving laugh. “That’s it? Fuck, you’re something else.”

“Ollie,” Luca murmured, moving to sit on the edge of the bed.

“I’m sorry,” Tara said barely above a whisper. “I didn’t want to… I needed to…” Her hands clenched into tight fists at her sides, and she swayed slightly.

“Tara?” Luca pushed to his feet as her eyelids fluttered.

Oliver moved faster, reaching out and grasping her elbow and dragging her to the bed. He pushed her down on the mattress.

“Fuck, when was the last time you slept?” he asked harshly. “Or ate?”

“I’m fine.” She shook her head then groaned, pressing the heel of her hand to her temple. “I am sorry. And that’s why I’m here. I need to know that what happened between us isn’t going to affect hunting this thing. I know my brother can be…”

“A massive dick?” Oliver supplied, stepping back.

She huffed a hoarse laugh. “Yeah, mostly because he doesn’t get hunters. Hates that I am one. But with Nicole being taken…” Tara looked up and met Luca’s gaze, her eyes glistening with tears. “He’s broken. Desperate. What I did was horrible, unforgiveable, but I’m begging you not to let that affect how you treat this case. Because, as much as I hate to admit it, I can’t find this thing on my own. I need you. We need you.”

“We said we’d help,” Oliver said between clenched teeth.

“And we will,” Luca promised. “We don’t allow personal feelings to get in the way. That thing is going to keep killing unless we stop it. That takes priority over everything else.”

“Thank you,” she murmured.

“You do realize,” he began gently, “the likelihood of finding your sister-in-law alive is almost non-existent. Yes, there was one case a long time ago when a victim was held for that long and a handful when when the victims weren’t killed immediately, but that’s not normally how these things work.”

Tara nodded. “I know. I know she’s probably dead, and honestly, Ben knows that, too. But, he’s holding onto any little bit of hope he can, right now. Wouldn’t you?” She looked between them. “If it were someone you loved?”

“You should get some sleep,” Oliver said gruffly, rubbing a palm over his short hair. “We have a lot to do tomorrow.”

“Come on.” Luca nodded toward the door. “I’ll walk you to your room.”

“You don’t have to—” Her protest cut off when her knees buckled as she stood.

“Don’t argue,” Oliver advised. “Do you have something to eat?” He began rooting through one of the bags near the door then held up a protein bar. “Take this. And actually eat it.”

Luca took Tara by the arm and guided her out of the room, grabbing the bar from Oliver, who held the door open. She didn’t say anything as they walked the short distance to her and Ben’s room. When they came to a stop, she pulled the keycard from her jacket pocket and opened the door. Luca pressed the protein bar into her empty palm.

“You need to take better care of yourself, Tara,” he murmured. “Sleep well.”

He pivoted and headed back to his room. Pushing inside, he saw Oliver already in bed, all the lights except the bathroom turned off. Luca went into the small room, washed up and brushed his teeth then turned off that light, as well. After checking the door and windows, he stripped and climbed into bed. Oliver immediately rolled over and pressed to his side.

“I would, you know?” Oliver said, lips tickling the sensitive skin of Luca’s neck.


“I would hold on to any shred of hope I could if it were you. If you were taken away from me.” He kissed Luca’s pulse. “And I would hold on until I saw with my own eyes that I shouldn’t anymore.”

“I know,” Luca murmured. “I’d do the same. For you.” He squeezed his eyes shut then added quietly, “And for her.”

He heard Oliver swallow, and the other man turned his head, pressing his face tight to Luca’s shoulder. His words were muffled, but Luca knew them before they were even spoken.

“Yeah, me, too.”

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A New Release from the fabulous Lucy Felthouse – EYES WIDE OPEN

eyeswideopen_800 - CopyOut Now!
 Eyes Wide Open by Lucy Felthouse
#erotica #romance #bdsm #menage #mmf


A standalone novel from the Totally Five Star imprint.

An ordinary girl catapulted into an extraordinary world meets two even more extraordinary men—but what will she do when she discovers their sexy secret?

Fiona Gillespie moved to London shortly after graduating to take advantage of the opportunities the capital could offer. However, months later, she’s still living in a horrid flat and working in a grimy East End pub. The problem is, she doesn’t really know what she wants to do, career-wise. So when she happens upon an advertisement for a job at a plush Mayfair hotel, she jumps at the chance. A great deal of determination and a spot of luck land Fiona her dream role.

But working at the Totally Five Star London is just the beginning. She adores the role and flourishes, impressing her bosses and making her increasingly determined to climb the career ladder.

While her career is flying, though, her love life is non-existent. She hasn’t even thought about men, never mind met or dated one for months, so when she bumps into two gorgeous businessmen in the hotel, she’s surprised to find her head has been well and truly turned. Even more surprisingly, they flirt with her—both of them! She’s drawn to James and Logan, despite feeling that they’re way out of her league.

When a misunderstanding leads Fiona to James and Logan’s sumptuous top-floor suite, she has no idea what she’s about to uncover. Scenes of people-trafficking, drug-pushing and wild sex parties all appear in her active imagination. Yet what she actually sees is something she’d never even considered before, something that piques her interest.

After discovering their sexy secret, what will she do with this new-found knowledge?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of anal play, spanking, sex toys and bondage.

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Continuing to surreptitiously peer at the men over the rim of her glass, it hit her that this was the first time in months that she’d looked at a man with interest, much less two men—and at the same time! But, ready to snatch her gaze away if one of them happened to glance at her, she realized that it wasn’t surprising that the pair had attracted her attention.

The tailored business suits would draw the eye even on an ugly guy. But on these two, the fine clothing was practically an orgasm for the gaze. They sat opposite each other, and their angle to her meant that she had a view of both their profiles—lucky her.

The one to her right had very dark, almost black hair, with a bit of a curl to it, a long straight nose, a trimmed goatee and, if she wasn’t mistaken, deep blue eyes. It was hard to tell for sure from this distance and perspective.

The one on her left had lighter, shorter hair, stubble that by some magical feat still looked smart, and the most sinful lips she’d ever set eyes on. And speaking of eyes, she thought perhaps his were green. What she wouldn’t give to go and check both of them out close up, preferably naked.

Shocked at her own sudden lustful thoughts, she inhaled more than drank another sip of the juice. Unfortunately, it hit her throat all wrong and she almost slammed the glass down as she started to cough. She tried so hard to suppress the cough, eager not to draw attention to herself, that she made it worse. Snatching up the thick linen serviette from the table, she held it to her mouth as she spluttered in a most embarrassing manner, and tears began to roll down her cheeks. By now, she was sure that the whole damn restaurant was staring at her, and she wished the tablecloths reached the floor, like the ones in the restaurant upstairs, so she could hide under the table until she regained her composure.

Swallowing repeatedly to try to soothe her irritated throat, she gasped as a gentle hand laid on her shoulder, which set her off all over again.

“Oh God,” came a voice. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to make you jump. I just wanted to make sure you were all right. See if I could help.”

Unable to speak, Fiona waved a hand to try to signal that she’d be okay, but unless the guy was a mind reader, he’d have no luck figuring that out. Blinking through the tears that marred her vision, her urge to hide underneath the table grew stronger. Christ, it was only the hottie with the blue eyes. And, if she wasn’t mistaken, his sexy friend with the green eyes was also hovering close by, concern etched into his handsome features.

Managing to drag in a breath, she huffed out, “Thank you.”

Just then, Jeremy arrived with a carafe of water, complete with ice, and poured her a glassful. “Here you go, Fiona. Drink this. Are you all right? Anything else I can get you?”

Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:




Albion’s Circle

Albion’s Circle… This series has a special place in my heart. My whole life all I’ve ever wanted to do was be a writer. Even though at times, that desire, that want took backseat to other things in my life, it was alway, always there. I managed to write when I could and get books out there. Never as much or as quickly as I wanted, but I did my best.

Then, came an Arthurian-inspired collection I did with Bronwyn Green and Jenny Trout. It was just supposed to be one story. A fun project with two of my favorite people revolving around the Arthurian legends I enjoyed so much. I didn’t expect it to be any more than that. And it turned in to so much more. The story and characters have exploded in my head in a way that’s never happened before. What was supposed to be one story has grown into a series.

It is no exaggeration when I say I fell in love with writing again with this series.

Here is the series so far…

AC 1 - TheDeepestCut - ARe CoverAmazon | B&N | iBookstore | Kobo | ARe

For nineteen years, Anna has been plagued by dreams of lives lived only in legend. Finally free from the family that believed her hopeless and worthless, she’s ready to start her life over—alone.

When Anna meets an enigmatic stranger claiming to be the legendary wizard Merlin, she is forced to question the very reality she’s struggled to accept. With the mythic figures from her dreams intruding on her waking life, Anna learns that she’s been reborn to fight an ancient evil alongside King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. 

Caught in an ages old conflict, Anna is the key to stopping a dark magic that will destroy the world—and Merlin wants to make sure that this time, Anna isn’t alone. 

Content Warning: This book contains mentions and depictions of self-harm.

AC 2 - InMyVeins - ARe CoverAmazon | B&N | iBookstore | Kobo | ARe

Anna is his. Merlin has failed. The Circle is broken. After being defeated in every lifetime, Mordred believes he has finally won.

Even though Anna has little hope of gaining Merlin’s forgiveness for believing Mordred over him and the rest of the Circle, she isn’t giving up and vows to set things right. When an offer of help comes from an unlikely ally, Anna must trust her instincts—the very thing that got her into this mess in the first place.

Because more than just her survival hangs in the balance. Mordred took her for a reason. Anna is the key. The key to completing the Circle. The key to preventing unthinkable death and destruction at Mordred’s hand. The key to destroying the heart of a wizard whose love has followed her through the ages.

But Mordred has forgotten exactly what he is up against.
Arthur and his Knights.
The most powerful Magical to ever walk the Earth.
And a love a thousand years in the making.

Note: This book contains some M/M scenes
Content Warning: This book contains mentions and depictions of self-harm.


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How far is too far? Where is the line that can’t be crossed? For Merlin, when it comes to Anna, the answers are easy. Too far doesn’t exist, and the uncrossable line has gotten pushed farther and farther away through the centuries until Merlin doesn’t see it anymore. And that becomes ever more clear to everyone as a new threat rises. 

Being back with the Circle, back with Merlin—where she belongs—Anna should be happy. Her magic, finally free and within reach, and her memories following quickly, should be cause for celebration. But all of that is overshadowed, tainted by Mordred and the connection he’s forged between their minds. With Mordred in her head, taunting and manipulating her at every turn, Anna fears she’ll never truly be free. 

Though his days as King of Camelot and High King of all of Albion are in a long, distant past, Arthur has never felt the weight of his crown as heavily as he does now, in this life. While having Anna with them and being able to complete the Circle for the first time since Camelot is an advantage Arthur cannot discount in the battle to come, the odds are certainly not in their favor. Not with an enemy who seems to always be always one step ahead. Not when the trust Arthur and the others have built over lifetimes together is dissolving beneath lies and secrets. 

The Circle is faltering, and Mordred’s increasingly bold attempts against them are pushing them to the breaking point. If they can’t return to their former strength—back to the stuff of legends—to defeat the powerful Magical, someone may pay the ultimate price before the final battle even begins. 

Content Warning: This book contains mentions and depictions of self-harm and suicide.

There will be two more books in the series – Into the Deep and Unbroken – and they will both release in 2016.

My greatest hope is that people will enjoy this series, and fall as much in love with the characters as I am. 🙂





After losing her husband six years ago, Meg Stevens has focused on the day-to-day and being a mother, not sparing a thought for anything beyond—no dates, no excitement, no life other than what she already had. A six-week vacation to London, all but forced on her by her two children, changes all of that. Meg meets the man of her dreams—gorgeous, dominant, and completely on board with a short-term fling—despite the fact he’s far too young for her.

Nathan Harris is more than a bit curious about the beautiful woman renting the upstairs flat, and once he talks to her, curiosity is quickly replaced by arousal and desire. It doesn’t take long before it’s clear she longs to experience sexual submission, and Nathan finds himself desperate to be the one she submits to.

Her days spent exploring the city, her nights exploring Nathan and the pleasure submitting to him brings, Meg discovers the trip she’d taken out of obligation has turned into something she doesn’t want to walk away from. However, the life she left behind beckons, and there’s no room there for dreaming of something she can never have.


A shiver skated down Meg’s spine, anticipation burrowing in her stomach as Nathan’s breath whispered over her lips. Her eyes nearly rolled back at the delicious pressure of his fingers on her neck as he held her firmly.

Then, he took her mouth, and there was no nearly about it—her eyes rolled right back. So much pleasure from a simple touch, a kiss. She should have known, though. The fleeting touches in the pub had been enough to make her yearn, to want more than she had in such a long time.

“So deep in thought,” he murmured, nipping at her lower lip then sucking on it slowly. “Where are you, right now, love?”

Hands on his chest, she fisted the soft material of the blue sweater he wore. “I’m here with you. If you want me to be.”

“Oh, I want.” His hand dropped from her elbow to palm her ass.  “Come inside with me.”

“Yes,” she whispered. “Please.”

He closed his eyes and rested his forehead against hers with a low groan. After a deep inhale, he straightened and, eyes locked on hers, reached behind to push the door to his apartment open. Hands firm on her ass and neck, he walked backwards, pulling her inside slowly. He was giving her an opportunity to change her mind, she realized. While she appreciated the gesture—really, really she did—she didn’t want slow, she didn’t want questions, and she didn’t want to stop what she’d started or begin to doubt a decision she’d had a hell of a time making in the first place. What she did want? More of his mouth and hands on her. The chance to touch and explore the hard edges of the body she’d seen earlier that day. To feel him against her, surrounding her, and God, inside her. Her pussy clenched, empty and aching, at the thought.

He let go of her ass to push the door shut, but his grip on her neck remained, like a brand, and she couldn’t deny that she loved it. The weight, the press of his fingers awakened things inside her she’d thought gone and buried long ago.

Nathan wrapped his arm around her waist and dragged her forward. His fingers shifted slightly, tangled in her hair. She whimpered, relishing the sharp sting as he pulled her head back roughly.

The hard length of his cock pressed against her belly, and she cursed the layers between them. Even though her coat was open and it was just their clothing, it was too much separating them and she longed to tear the material away, feel him skin to skin.

Bending forward, he settled his lips over her pulse and sucked. With a gasp, she slid her hands up to cradle his head. The soft hair tickled her palms, and the sensation, paired with the pull of his mouth and the smooth glide of his tongue, had her arching toward him, desperate for more.

Clit pulsing, she shuffled to press her thighs together. A whine lodged in her throat when Nathan shoved a knee between hers, preventing her from finding any sort of relief—however small and inadequate it would have been.

His forearm slid over the curve of her ass, and he grasped the hem of her skirt. As he pulled the garment up, she held her breath but let it out in a whoosh when he traced the edge of her panties.

He lifted his head and met her gaze. The vibrant blue of his eyes was nearly eclipsed by the dilated pupils. His grip tightened on her neck, just a moment, before he moved both hands to her hips and pushed her until her back hit the door. She didn’t have time to react or mourn the loss of his touch because he was right there. Pressed against her, roughly pulling her skirt around her waist. He cupped her mound, his warmth seeping through the thin cotton and melding with the heat she radiated.

“Bed?” She could only manage the one word, so lost in what he was doing, what was to come.

“Eventually.” He chuckled, a dark, decadent sound that smoothed over her, sending her even deeper under his spell.


(kinda) NEW RELEASE – Albion’s Circle: The Deepest Cut

Originally part of the collection If Ever I Would Leave You, the first book in my Ablion’s Circle – The Deepest Cut – is now available to purchase on it’s own. 🙂

Links are below, as well as a sneak peek into The Deepest Cut.


Amazon | Smashwords | ARe
(B&N and iBookstore Coming Soon)

For nineteen years, Anna has been plagued by dreams of lives lived only in legend. Finally free from the family that believed her hopeless and worthless, she’s ready to start her life over—alone.

When Anna meets an enigmatic stranger claiming to be the legendary wizard Merlin, she is forced to question the very reality she’s struggled to accept. With the mythic figures from her dreams intruding on her waking life, Anna learns that she’s been reborn to fight an ancient evil alongside King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

Caught in an ages old conflict, Anna is the key to stopping a dark magic that will destroy the world—and Merlin wants to make sure that this time, Anna isn’t alone.

Note: Previously published in the anthology If Ever I Would Leave You



This life was no different than the others. She was absolutely beautiful. My Annwyl. Anna, I reminded myself. She was Anna now. I ached to go to her but held myself back. I had to be careful. I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes I’d made before. I wouldn’t lose her. Not again.

“Why are we just sitting here?”

I glanced at Galahad but said nothing. Nothing I said would shut him up anyway. It had only taken one lifetime to learn that about the guy.

“It’s been weeks, Merlin. Weeks. If your goal is to be a stalker, mission accomplished.” He ran a hand through his hair, causing the dark brown locks to stick up all over the place. “I thought the whole point was to bring her home, complete the Circle, defeat evil, live happily ever after. What the fuck are we doing sitting in a dark club watching her… Ah shit, I’m pretty sure she just took something. I’m going out on a limb here, and saying it’s not Tylenol. And…you’re not surprised. Not even a little.” He sighed.

“No,” I responded simply. It didn’t surprise me she would turn to that. It wouldn’t be the first time one of us used a crutch to deal with what we remembered and lived with. Of course, understanding that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt. It sure as hell didn’t ease the guilt I felt. It surrounded me, as it always did. I wished I had found her sooner, that I’d been able to shoulder some of the pain Annwyl…Anna experienced.


Galahad’s voice penetrated my thoughts, and I turned toward him again.


“What are we waiting for?”

“She’s… She might not be ready.”

“Ready for what?” he asked, eyes wide and disbelieving. “How is leaving her to deal with everything on her own helping her, or any of us?”

“She’s always been so fragile,” I murmured, almost to myself. “The fact that we found her this time, before she—” I could hardly swallow around the lump that appeared in my throat, let alone speak.

I’d never gotten to her in time. Every life, every fucking one, I’d been too late. Sometimes, by mere minutes. Her body still warm, as if she were simply sleeping and she’d open her eyes and see me. But that had only been an illusion, a desperate hope. It never happened that way. No, soon, even the hint of life leached out, and I was left with the empty shell, a glaring reminder of how I’d failed her yet again.

“Merlin.” Galahad laid a hand on my knee and leaned close. “You found her this time. The other times… Stop thinking of them. It doesn’t matter now.”

But it did matter, I wanted to scream. Of course it mattered. Because she would remember all of it. Know how I had been unable to save her time after time. The shame and guilt—my constant companions—wouldn’t be erased by kind words, even if they came from a well-meaning friend.

I turned my attention back to her, just in time to see the glass slip from her grasp and crash to the floor. It was clear, even from across the bar, that she was pretty well flying high. The bartender, the one who’d put her in that state in the first place, seemed to be checking to make sure she was okay. So, maybe he wasn’t a complete douchebag. Though, my magic flared, skittered along my body, just under the skin, wanting to knock him on his ass for daring to touch Anna. Then, it nearly exploded as they kissed.

“Throttle back,” Galahad said under his breath, and I realized the glasses on the low table in front of us were shaking, dancing on the shiny surface.

I cursed and reined it in, but fuck, it was hard.

“You can hardly blame her for having a relationship.” He watched me warily, as if I were going to level the place just because Anna had kissed another man.

Never mind that was exactly what I wanted to do. I wouldn’t. I wasn’t stupid and actually had more control than that. It wouldn’t solve anything to let my magic loose. Highly satisfying, but not worth it in the long run.

“Not blaming her for anything,” I bit out, though a part of me wondered why. Why was she kissing him? She had to have her memories from before and know what we’d been together. But, instead of waiting or seeking me out, she was in a bar getting high and kissing the bartender. It hurt, more than I’d ever admit. Though, the way Galahad was eyeing me, he could tell. Aside from Arthur, he was the best friend I had, and he was too perceptive for his own damned good.

“You don’t know anything about her life, aside from what your creeper ass has seen the past couple weeks and what you’ve managed to dig up online.” He leaned back against the couch cushions and rested his booted feet on the table, ankles crossed.

“I know,” I conceded, ignoring the creeper comment. “I’m not making any— Who the hell is that? And why is Annwyl leaving with him?”

Annwyl—fuck, Anna—was following a skinny, greasy looking guy out of the bar. I started to stand, but Galahad yanked me back, only flinching slightly when I whipped around to glare at him. I knew he could feel my power snapping, like static electricity surrounding us.

“Give it a few minutes,” he advised. “She’s smart, Merlin, okay? She doesn’t need us following her around in the shadows.”

“She’s…she’s high.” I looked between my friend and the door. “Already not making smart choices, G.”

The Annwyl from before—God, how many lifetimes ago?—had been the smartest woman I’d ever known. It was one of many things I’d loved about her. But it wasn’t like that now and hadn’t been for a long, long time. It made no sense. I couldn’t figure it out. Everyone else came back the same. Exactly the same. So, why didn’t she?

When I asked the question aloud, Galahad shook his head. “Not exactly the same, you know that. Christ, just look at Morgana.”

I scowled at him. “That’s not what I meant. Morgana always struggled with the choice, even the first time around, but she didn’t change. Her personality, her determination, everything that makes her her never changes. But Anna isn’t acting like the Annwyl we knew.”

He nodded then shrugged. “And we’ll find out why. When you stop following her around like a crazy person and actually talk to her. I know you’re scared, Merlin. Don’t try to bullshit me,” he snapped when I opened my mouth to protest. “You’re scared, and who the hell could blame you after everything, but you found her this time. Now, you need to act, bring her home. She’ll be safer with us, and your focus won’t be as split.”

I tried not to feel guilty, and failed miserably. Ever since I’d found her, everything else had been shoved to the side. I wasn’t spending much time with the rest of the group or trying to figure out exactly what magical threat we were up against this time around. The task of finding the missing members of the Circle—Morgana and Lancelot—had fallen on the others’ shoulders.

Pushing it from my mind for now, I looked around the bar again. Anna wasn’t back. Galahad sighed when I met his gaze and stood.

“Let’s go find her,” he said, clapping a hand on my shoulder as I rose. Together, we wove through the crowd and out of the building. I stopped on the sidewalk and closed my eyes. I could sense Galahad next to me, his connection to me through the Circle strong and tangible. Even from a distance, I could feel Arthur. I couldn’t feel Lancelot or Morgana, but hadn’t for some time. That meant they were too far physically.

Anna’s connection… That was trickier, for some unknown fucking reason. I fought to relax. Being tense only got in the way, strangled my magic. Finding her took all of my concentration, and it shouldn’t. Not with her magic. It had drawn me to her from the beginning, before all the business with the Circle and destinies. I couldn’t figure out why it took so much to find her, but that was a question for another time.

Sweat rolled down my temples as I tried to focus. I felt Galahad’s hand on my upper arm, and I finally, finally grasped the weak spark that was Anna. She was just around the fucking corner, and I could barely feel her. Anger rushed through me as I hurried in her direction. She shouldn’t be hidden from me, not like this.

Entering the alley, I stumbled to a halt at the sight before me. The anger of a moment ago was nothing, it was fleeting, compared to the rage that consumed me and ignited my power. I didn’t even think as I pushed forward, physically and magically. The man who dared pin my Annwyl to the ground and lay his hands on her flew through the air. I was already on my knees at her side when the sickening thud of his body against the wall echoed around us.

Anna held her arm close to her chest and tried to sit up, her eyes blinking owlishly at me. Her mouth worked as if she was trying to speak but all that escaped was a pained whimper.

“Shhh, it’s all right. You’re safe now, Annwyl, you’re safe…”

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Awesome Reads Galore!!!

I am not the only one with a book releasing this week, my friends! I’m going to share a few with you that you should check out…immediately. 🙂 You won’t regret it!

Eventide by Christine Allen-Riley

EVENTIDE (Iron Falls, Book One)Available Now
Amazon • Smashwords

The driver in a tragic car accident that killed her best friend, Devon Greer is consumed by guilt. When powerful hallucinations convince her that she’s seeing Rachael everywhere, Devon thinks she’s going crazy. But her friend isn’t truly gone.

To save Rachael from the faeries who stole her, Devon must pit herself against the Court of the Sidhe. Once she witnesses the true form of the fey, Devon’s life is in danger—and so are the lives of everyone she loves.

Now, Devon must not only protect herself, but also Jonah Seafort, Rachael’s cousin and the only person Devon can trust to help her. While the Sidhe walk among them, no one is safe…

Mated by Gwendolyn Cease

Available NowMATED
Amazon • Smashwords 

Laira Marshall had to admit—getting kidnapped wasn’t something she’d expected. Discovering her kidnappers were aliens who planned on selling her into sexual slavery, definitely tipped the scales into the truly bizarre. But she’s determined to fight her way through this—until their slave ship is attacked, and Laira’s faced with an entirely new problem.

Rakin and Dev are the leaders of the Sandaki—a race genetically engineered to fight. Using their enhanced traits, they’ve freed their people and have devoted their lives to seeking out those who enslaved them. They never considered the concept of love—or that one woman could bring them to their knees.

With unknown enemies working against them, the three lovers must come together not only to save themselves, but the Sandaki race itself.

Ricochet by Kris Norris

RICOCHETAvailable Now
Amazon • Smashwords 

A moment he can’t take back… 

An unlucky rebound has left US Marshal Ashton Kane broken. His partner’s dead and, consumed by guilt, he’s walked out on the only woman he’ll ever love.

A love she can’t forget… 

Cassidy Ryan has tried to move on. Losing the love of her life cut deep, but she vowed she wouldn’t let it break her. And she’s finally taking back her life—until she stumbles upon a deadly encounter that threatens to destroy everything and everyone around her.

One last chance at redemption…

Ash has fooled himself into believing Cassidy’s better off without him—until she puts her life on the line, forcing him to face the demons that still whisper in the dark, or risk losing her. Again. Only this time, it’ll be no one’s fault, but his.

NEW RELEASE – Albion’s Circle: In My Veins

I am SO excited! I’ve been looking forward to today for a long time. The second book in Albion’s Circle is now available at Amazon and Smashwords. *happy dance*

Links are below, along with a peek into In My Veins. 🙂


Amazon • Smashwords

Anna is his. Merlin has failed. The Circle is broken. After being defeated in every lifetime, Mordred believes he has finally won.

Even though Anna has little hope of gaining Merlin’s forgiveness for believing Mordred over him and the rest of the Circle, she isn’t giving up and vows to set things right. When an offer of helps comes from an unlikely ally, Anna must trust her instincts—the very thing that got her into this mess in the first place.

Because more than just her survival hangs in the balance. Mordred took her for a reason. Anna is the key. The key to completing the Circle. The key to preventing unthinkable death and destruction at Mordred’s hand. The key to destroy the heart of a wizard whose love has followed her through the ages.

But Mordred has forgotten exactly what he is up against.
Arthur and his Knights.
The most powerful Magical to ever walk the Earth.
And a love a thousand years in the making.



“He’s so cold.”

Galahad’s voice, hardly a whisper, made my heart race. My hands shook on the wheel as I raced along the roads to get back to the house. Back to Merlin. The spell on Will was a strong one, and I recognized Mordred’s magic when I felt it. The son of a bitch had personally taken Will down.

“He’s going to be okay,” I said firmly. “Mordred isn’t stupid. Killing Will doesn’t make sense. Anna would never forgive that, and Mordred wants her on his side.”

While I believed that, I also knew the longer Will was under the spell, the harder it would be to break it. And his magic… I could barely feel it. I glanced over, not liking how pale the other Magical was.

Galahad sat sideways in his seat, cradling the unconscious man closely. He stared down intently as if worried Will would fade away if he took his eyes off him for even a second. There was more there than just attraction, like I’d originally thought. Galahad clearly had deeper feelings for Will.

“Please, please, please…”

I don’t think he even realized he was whispering the word over and over again. Relief swept through me as I turned onto the long drive that led to the house. Almost there.

Before I even stopped the truck, Arthur and his knights rushed out of the house to meet us. I’d called my brother as soon as we’d left Anna’s apartment building, and they’d obviously been keeping an eye out. Arthur yanked open the passenger side as I parked. He helped Galahad pull Will out of the vehicle.

I left them to it and ran ahead of them into the house. Taking the stairs two at a time, I hurried up to Merlin’s room. I felt the seal and cursed. Arthur would have tried to get through, I knew that. Merlin must have blocked out sound, as well, because if he knew what was going on, he wouldn’t still be locked up in there.

Pressing my hands flat against the door, I closed my eyes and felt along the edges of the seal. If I could weaken it, unravel the strands of magic woven together just a little bit, he’d be able to hear me, feel Mordred’s spell wrapped around Will downstairs. Problem was, Merlin’s magic was fucking amazing. He’d probably thrown this seal up without a second thought, just wanting to be alone, and it was stronger than anything I could construct with planning and meticulous care.

And taking it apart wasn’t any easier. I knew that from lives past when I had other, more sinister reasons to undo Merlin’s work. Although, I wasn’t overly worried about being found out this time around; it was my goal, after all. I focused all of my attention on the threads, pulling and teasing them away from the whole. Time slipped away from me, meant nothing as I concentrated on what I had to do.

“Merlin, “ I murmured as my muscles began to quiver. My magic, exhausted, wanted to creep back into my body. “Come on, come on, come on.”

The door flew open, and I stumbled forward, hands slamming into Merlin’s chest. He caught me before I slid to the floor.

“What the fuck, Morgana!” he snapped. “I don’t want—”

He stiffened, and his magic exploded, shaking the house around us. I grabbed hold of his shoulders and tried to get him to look at me. He felt it, Mordred’s spell.

“It’s Will,” I said quickly. “Mordred got to him, and I don’t know how to break it. I need your help.”

The tremors didn’t stop, but increased exponentially. Power snapped in the air, shimmered along his skin until he radiated with it. Things crashed to the floor behind him, and cracks snaked along the walls as the house failed to withstand the battering. I heard the others shouting below us.



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