Timeless Blood - Book 3

Enforcer Mehki has one duty—keep the Regina, Queen of the Vampires, safe. When a threat rises and manages to infiltrate her home, Mekhi does the only thing he can to do—his job—he takes her away until the danger has been eliminated.

Aelwyn bristles at the thought of running away, but those who conspire against her and her family have already succeeded in killing her brother, so what choice does she have? Besides, the chance to be alone with Mehki is irresistible.

As they wait out the investigation in hiding, Aelwyn and Mekhi are both drawn to James, the handsome human who has rented his cabin to them. The feeling not only mutual, but also intensely hot. Their time together is threatened when danger finds their refuge and secrets come to light that could harm them all.

As hidden truths are unveiled, the chance of a happily ever after fades, and survival becomes the only thing that matters.


Timeless Blood - Book 1

As head of the Enforcers, Traian knows the dangers of his life. Hunting traitorous vampires and keeping peace for his people could very well kill him. What he never expected was one of his own—another Enforcer—to stab him in the back, literally.

When Becca Stewart finds a man bleeding on the street, her first impulse is to call an ambulance. When he tells her not to, and she feels compelled to obey, she does the only thing she can do. Take care of him herself, not knowing the risks and dangers involved.

Once it is clear that what happened is part of a bigger plot than merely killing him, Traian needs to figure how far up the ladder the betrayal goes. But now he has a human to look after. Can he find his answers and keep Becca safe—especially now that she’s wrapped herself around his heart?


Timeless Blood - Book 2

When Griffon goes to his queen, the Regina, to ask questions about his brother’s death, the last thing he expects is to be introduced to the mate she has chosen for him—her own cousin. He recognizes this for what it is, a ploy to get him to stop asking questions, and sets out to investigate on his own.

Charlotte is part of the inquiry of Griffon’s brother, who was part of a plot against the royal family. Her assignment is to find out if Griffon knew of his brother’s betrayal and if he is a part of it. Being Griffon’s intended gives her the ability to get close and find the truth.

As they both secretly investigate on their own, a passion builds between them neither can ignore. Soon, information surfaces and brings to light truths that are difficult for Griffon to accept. In the midst of lies and betrayal, can he and Charlotte’s newfound love survive?