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Yeah, so I'm going to be a rule breaker - my post isn't going to be wordless. Not even a little.

So things that make me angry... I'm gonna be very real here. There's much in the world right now that make me angry and sad and really really ragey, but I'm not going to go down that road with this post because I don't need to be in that headspace any more than I already am.

So for this post...going a bit more light. Will still talk about things that make me angry and drive me nuts...but just not the big-big things.

So here we go...

On social media, being told if I don't share or repost something, I'm a horrible person, don't love  enough, don't care enough about some cause or issue, or some other bullshit. In these situations, I feel like Ben from Parks & Rec....

The worst

People who can't take responsibility. Honestly, we all play the blame game to a degree, yeah? And I think I'm a pretty understanding person and get that life gets shitty, but when everything is everyone else's fault or something is always happening that gets in the way - particularly when it negatively affects something I'm working on (and that's selfish, isn't it? *sigh*), well, I just...

Hugh I'm OUT

I work a couple different jobs...so when I can sit down and write... OMG people just need to leave me alone and not ask me something or start some long-ass recitation of their day. It's not that I don't want to talk to the people I love. I really really do, but the interruptions... DEAR. GOD. THE. INTERRUPTIONS.


I probably could go on about little stuff, but I won't. I try to let this stuff roll of my back and not react to stuff or be bitchy. But I would be lying if I said some days, I wasn't like this THE ENTIRE DAY.


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wordlesswedA Pic A Day For A Week

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(Okay, I'm horrible at the wordless... I don't really have pics from my childhood so I'm going with posting pics of things that come to mind when I think of my childhood... Some of them should embarrassment but I feel no shame. NO SHAME.)

imgres new_kids320 now-and-later pop_rocks Scoubidou_6_strands

braided-friendship-bracelet-600-7 header the_brat_pack___poster_by_punkylemon-d3er429


That's it from me - time to get back to work. I'm certain the other ladies will have much more entertaining posts this week. Make sure to go check them out.

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Normally, there'd be no words during this kind of post, but I'm breaking the rules because I've no pictures to share, really, for this week. For a couple reasons. One, most of the stuff is off my walls because we are preparing to paint. Two, the few things that remain on the walls? Some pics of my kids. And I don't post pics of them. *shrug* So...I'm going to promise to do better the next time Wordless Wednesday rolls around and do my duty in sending you over to the other ladies' blogs. So, go forth...see what's on their walls. 🙂

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Until next week!