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Oh, this has been a long time in the making, my friends! I started this eons ago and have been pecking away at it since, but life has thrown some wrenches in the works. But it's almost time to release and will be available this month! YAY!

So, with that in mind, I'm sharing the absolutely gorgeous cover the amazingly talented Kris Norris has made for Safeword Protected, the 7th book in Bronwyn Green's and my Bound series. 

Clara Turner loves her life—her career as a travel writer takes her to places most people only dream of. But with the birth of her cousin’s first child quickly approaching, Clara happily trades her fast-paced adventures for the quiet Irish village to be there for the new arrival.

When Clara’s laptop acts up, her cousin decides to do Clara a favor and takes it to Niall Walsh, the village’s unofficial tech support. Clara panics at the thought of Niall—sexy, sets-her-lady-bits-tingling-from-afar Niall—discovering her secret stash of filthy kinkery living on her hard drive.

Niall lived the big-city life for years and dated the glamorous woman that came along with it before coming back home. He’s heard about Clara for ages, but nothing prepares him for the instant attraction he feels when he first sees her. He ignores it though—knowing she’s only there for a short time.

Besides, she’s the type of woman who fit in his past, not his present. He doesn’t have anything to offer that she’d want. At least, that’s what he’d thought…before he delved into her computer and discovered exactly what Clara likes. As he learns more about her, Niall realizes he can offer her something no one else can—the chance to explore her deepest desires instead of just watching on a screen.

It should be easy—a hot fling before Clara’s job takes front and center again—but when the time comes, will either of them be able to slip free from the bonds that now connect them?


Well, 2016 is more than half over... Summer is coming to an end, with the older kids' classes beginning on Monday and the youngest starting high school the beginning of September. The year has been flying by, that's for sure. It's been a busy year - with the day jobs, a kid graduating, planning an exciting trip I'm taking with my mom, and more - and it's also a year of making big changes - tough changes but ones that will allow me to focus more on writing and actually getting books out. Took me a bit longer than I thought it would to get to this point, but it's all coming together, and I'm able to write more regularly now.

kermit Which is exactly what I wanted, so who cares how long it took, right? I'm where I want to be now, and that's what I'm focusing on.

So what can you expect from me?

Well, my next release will be a Bound book. I expect to release Safeword Protected this fall, and I'll announce a specific release date as soon as I can.

I'm also working on Into the Deep, book four in my Albion's Circle series. My original plan was to release this in September, but I've had to push that back a bit. It will definitely release this year, though.

It sucks in a big way to delay a release, and I hate doing it, so very much. But, I want to put out the best books I possibly can, and rushing the process (writing and editing and all that goes into getting the book ready for publication) isn't the way to do that.

So... a Bound book and the next Albion's Circle book in 2016. For 2017? Still in the planning stages, and I'll share what I can when I can,  but, for now, I can say Albion's Circle will come to a close early next year, and I'm very, very excited about that. That series has been and continues to be a labor of love for me.

And that's it from me for now, friends. 🙂
Until next time,