Wednesday Randomness: Top 10 Gifts for Writers

I can only speak for myself of course, but I'm gonna share my writerly wish list. Some of these will be very general and some specific.

In no particular order:

Books - Fiction books, books on craft, books on self-publishing and promotion... Doesn't matter. I will take ALL THE BOOKS. 🙂

Notebooks - I've never met a notebook I didn't like. Well, that's not true. But regardless of how much or little I like a particular notebook, it will never be wasted. I have them and use them everywhere and can always use more.

Pens - I have a problem with pens. I have so many and will always always get more. From simple ball point pens to fancy fountain pens...I want them all. And when I find a pen that writes well...I stock the F up. In a big way.

Comfy seating - So, I don't have an office - comes with having a houseful of kids and family. So I want this

to be able to write in bed without my back paying me back for days afterwards.

Booze - Wine, cider...I'm not pick. And this...I honestly want this just for the name/bottle, but I do like a good splash of whiskey. 

New computer - While my trusty MacBook is trudging along, I would love a new computer, right now.

The last three? Not gonna lie - come straight from my Etsy wishlist. 

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