Wednesday Randomness: Musical Musings #5

(Keeping it short and sweet this week - only halfway through and I'm yearning for the weekend and a couple days of no running!)

SONG I CAN'T STAND TO LISTEN TO - Right now? Any song from toddler/preschool shows, in general. Any song from Daniel Tiger, in particular.

SONG I COULD LISTEN TO ALL DAY WITHOUT GETTING TIRED OF IT - "Gang of Rhythm" by Walk Off the Earth and any song from Hamilton.

SONG THAT GREW ON ME - Any song from Phineas and Ferb (sensing a theme? All the littles that come to my house daily... there is always a kids shows on...I just can't think beyond that right now, regardless of how lame that makes me LOL)

Bronwyn GreenGwendolyn Cease

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