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Okay, so i totally cheated. This is definitely not wordless. I'm enjoying my week with one of my besties, the awesome Kris Norris. She's here visiting before we head off to retreat. So I'm putting this post together early and scheduling it since I'll be in the land of little to no connection for the week.

SATURDAY - This lovely mug was a gift from Norris. Oh, Canada, eh! 

SUNDAY - Puppy is so sad her daddy has left on another trip. Looking at me with those sad, sad eyes...heartbreaking.

MONDAY - Norris and I MAY be binge watching The Night Shift. o.O We have no regrets. None!

TUESDAY - Made Slutty Brownies....becasue my weather app (WTForecast) said it was a good day to make them.

WEDNESDAY - Had to educate Bron on what a keener was via text.

THURSDAY - I think....I THINK we've gotten enough pop for the week... (Don't judge! Even though I judge myself... LOL) 

FRIDAY  - Had to hit Applebee's for lunch...it's "our place" - mine, my hub's and Norris' LOL

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Yeah, so I'm going to be a rule breaker - my post isn't going to be wordless. Not even a little.

So things that make me angry... I'm gonna be very real here. There's much in the world right now that make me angry and sad and really really ragey, but I'm not going to go down that road with this post because I don't need to be in that headspace any more than I already am.

So for this post...going a bit more light. Will still talk about things that make me angry and drive me nuts...but just not the big-big things.

So here we go...

On social media, being told if I don't share or repost something, I'm a horrible person, don't love  enough, don't care enough about some cause or issue, or some other bullshit. In these situations, I feel like Ben from Parks & Rec....

The worst

People who can't take responsibility. Honestly, we all play the blame game to a degree, yeah? And I think I'm a pretty understanding person and get that life gets shitty, but when everything is everyone else's fault or something is always happening that gets in the way - particularly when it negatively affects something I'm working on (and that's selfish, isn't it? *sigh*), well, I just...

Hugh I'm OUT

I work a couple different jobs...so when I can sit down and write... OMG people just need to leave me alone and not ask me something or start some long-ass recitation of their day. It's not that I don't want to talk to the people I love. I really really do, but the interruptions... DEAR. GOD. THE. INTERRUPTIONS.


I probably could go on about little stuff, but I won't. I try to let this stuff roll of my back and not react to stuff or be bitchy. But I would be lying if I said some days, I wasn't like this THE ENTIRE DAY.


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(Not entirely WORDLESS... Since life is busy as heck, right now, and my meals are pretty much eaten while standing or driving or in front of the computer, I went in a little different direction with my post. Here are some photos of amazing meals I had when my SIL and I went to London last fall.)

Fish and chips and mushy peas at The Bull

A bit of lunch at Hampton Court Palace - Roast beef with greens and horseradish and a lovely wine.
A bit of lunch at Hampton Court Palace - Roast beef with greens and horseradish and a lovely wine.

Enjoyed a bacon buttie and mango smoothie on the way to Stonehenge and Glastonbury
Enjoyed a bacon buttie and mango smoothie on the way to Stonehenge and Glastonbury
Scotch egg and bangers and mash at The Woodman

Scotch egg and bangers and mash at The Woodman

Cheese board at The Lazy Fox
Cheese board at The Lazy Fox

Afternoon Tea

Spaghetti carbonara in Bath
Spaghetti carbonara in Bath

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Happy Wednesday. Today is supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post... But not for me. Why? Because the topic is "On My Bookshelf" and that just isn't going to work for me. One, because most of my reading I do on my tablet, now, and two, the physical books I have? They are all in boxes, right now.

And empty shelves that have traces of dust on them? Not the kinda pics I felt like sharing. 🙂

So, I'm going to point you to the other gals' blogs - to check out what they have on their bookshelves.

Bronwyn Green | Gwendolyn Cease | Jessica De La Rosa | Kayleigh Jones

And I'll leave you with a pic of what I hope one day to have for my very own. One day, probably when my kids have all grown and gone... I don't need an office with a desk and all that stuff... This will do quite nicely.

Hey, a girl can dream.