November 2018 Photo Flash Fic

I hope the weekend was a fab one – I spent most of it being lazy. Gotta do that once in a while. 🙂 It’s time for November’s photo flash fic. This is the photo we’re working with:

“Mom? What’re we doing out here? Where are we going?”

This was not how I expected to spend my thirteenth birthday. Sure, we’d had the cake and ice cream, but we didn’t even get to the presents before my mom took my hand and pulled me outside with her. Now, she, my older sister, Petra, and I were walking through the woods. I was freezing, and it was just creepy out here. It was dark and foggy, and I could barely see where we were going. So, yeah, not exactly the birthday of my dreams.

Mom stopped suddenly. “We’re here.”

I looked around. Where was here? This peice of woods didn’t look any different than any we’d walked through already. I glanced at my sister but she was staring in the same direction as my mom was, and her jaw was tight. Good, at least someone else wasn’t happy with what was going on.

“It’s almost time,” Mom murmured then she turned to me, with a smile even I could tell wasn’t real. “Baby, you’re thirteen, now. It’s time for you to know.”

“Know what?”

“The women in our family have a gift -”

Petra snorted. “Gift? More like a curse. At least be honest with her, Mom.”

“Stop it,” Mom snapped. “You have only known for three years. One day, you will see this for the gift it is.”

Rolling her eyes, Petra shook her head. “Don’t count on it.”

With a sigh, Mom turned back to me. “Elena, this is a gift every woman in our family connects with on the day of their thirteenth birthday. It can seem scary, and it may be difficult to see it as a gift, especially when you’re so young, but it is. It’s a part of you, and part of why you are so very special.”

I shivered, not from the cold but because I had a feeling what was coming was going to change everything. And I didn’t want anything to change.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Look.” She gestured ahead of us. “What do you see?”

“Trees. We’re in the woods.”

“Look harder,” she said firmly, her fingers squeezing mine. “Focus.”

“On what?” I muttered. There was nothing there. It was trees and bushes and fog and– My eyes narrowed, and my breath caught. There was somthing there, something big…HUGE…in the mist. I jolted when cold fingers wrapped around my free hand. I turned to look at Petra and met her gaze. Her dark eyes glittered in the mist-muted moonlight… Was she crying?

“You’re not alone,” she whispered then faced foward, again.

As I turned back, my heart thundered, hurting my chest. Suddenly, it was as though the woods around us disappeared. Melted away to be replaced by gardens with pointy trees, like the kind on those big historical estates we visited on our last vacation, and beyond that a massive brick… House was too plain a word. It wasn’t quite a mansion, but it was much bigger than most of the houses around here.

I was about to ask my mom what the heck was going on when movement caught my attention. I blinked several times, and took half a step forward. People. There were people walking around the gardens, some close enough I could almost touch them. And they were all dressed…in costume? No, it was more like those people dressed like they were part of a reenactment or something.

“Mom?” I choked out. “What is this?”

“The past,” she said simply. “Our gift is our connection to the past.”

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Wednesday Randomness – Top 10 Fairytales

This post actually isn’t going to be a Top 10 from me. I love fairytales…mostly the more recent Disney-fied versions because the originals are gruesome. LOL But it is the night before the blog post is going live, it’s been a hellish day, and I’m fighting a migraine. So, I’m going to share my favorite fairytale and go to bed.


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October 2018 Monthly Check-in

For last month, my goals were:

  • Daily writing – Keep it up! (Not quite)
  • Finish the book – this is doable. So doable. Needs to happen. (Uh uh.)
  • Self-care every day – remembering to refill that well. Soooo important. (I would like to say yes, but…)
  • All scheduled blog posts – Keep it up! (A bit old nope. I missed 2 of the 7 so far)

Honestly, though I’m batting 0-4 with the goals, I’m happy with this month for the most part. I’m writing regularly. Not daily, but regularly, which is more than I had been doing before. Did not finish the book, but made freaking progress. Self-care…I managed it more days than not, so better. And I got the majority of the blog posts – and hey, sometimes my self-care for those days was giving myself permission to, say, go to sleep because of a flare rather than make myself stay up and feel worse trying to do  it. So yeah, I’m happy with October. And…

For November:

  • Write more days than not (See, learning and tweaking LOL)
  • Come close to, if not, finishing the current book. I’m really excited about this one, and I’m loving it. I want to write on it, I want to finish it…so I’m going to do my best.
  • Keep improving on the self-care front.
  • All scheduled blog posts, dammit. LOL
  • Start on Christmas gifts (making and shopping) o.O

Bronwyn Green

Wednesday Randomness: October 2018 Brain Dump

Time for a brain dump!

Mostly, what’s on my mind, right now, is writing. Which is a good thing. LOL I’m actually writing regularly and making good progress on the book I’m working on. Quite a change for me. I actually feel like I’m a writer, again. And frankly, it had been feeling a bit like this when it came to writing:

But no more! Some of it is due to the fact I’ve been a bit more…hmm, assertive when it come to claiming my time for writing. 

That’s always been a challenge for me, I’ll admit. I always tended to put everyone else’s stuff ahead of mine. Granted, I still do that – hard to change a life’s worth of habit in a short time – but I’m getting better.

I’ve been thinking a lot about our dog, Sascha. She died a little over a week ago, and it’s been rough. She passed in her sleep peacefully, and I’m grateful for that. We’re all doing okay, but it’ll hit me at the strangest times. Like, the other night, I started to call for her to let her out one more time before I went to bed. Then, promptly started crying. Here she is, where she was happiest…in a hole she just dug LOL 

Other than that, it’s been pretty standard here at Chez Jarman. Work, school for the kiddos, trying to make the house not look like a bomb went off in it, getting to laundry often enough that everyone has clean stuff to wear… Yeah, the usual. 😀

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Wednesday Randomness – If I Could Win a Lifetime Supply of Anything…

Today’s topic: If you could win a lifetime supply of anything, what would you choose and why?

This was easy. Patience. I need more of it, and never have enough. If I could have a lifetime supply, I wouldn’t spend most days like this:

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Wednesday Randomness: Promptly Penned #33

It’s time for another Promptly Penned post. We’re all given the same prompt and see where it takes us. The prompt itself is in CAPS in the post.

Closing my eyes, I braced my hands on the edge of the sink and dropped my head down. Everything hurt, I had blood everywhere – could still feel some dripping down my face – and it was taking everything in me not to puke my guts out. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Tonight had not gone as planned.

Plan? What plan? You had no plan!

Christ, I was hearing James’ damned voice in my head, now. I supposed it was appropriate since he hadn’t said a damned word since we’d gotten home. The silence was deafening, and apparently, my brain was going to make up for that.


Yelping, I straightened, and immediately stumbled backwards. Would have ended up on my ass or cracking my head off the tub if James hadn’t stepped forward and steadied me.

“Sorry,” he murmured.

“Not your fault. Didn’t hear you come in.”


Narrowing my eyes at the dry drawl, I met his gaze in the mirror. “You need something?”

He stared for a good long minute or two then, reaching around me, he pulled open one of the cabinet drawers and withdrew the first aid kit. He motioned with his free hand. “Sit.”

Still watching him warily, I sat on the closed toilet as he opened the kit and began setting out supplies. He then grabbed a couple washclothes from the other drawer and wet them. As he was doing this, he caught my eye in the mirror.


“Smart ass,” I murmured.

He was trying to downplay everything, make me laugh – I knew that. But I wasn’t listening to his words, now. Because the slight catch of his voice, the stiffness in his posture, the tightness around his eyes were all telling another story.

He was freaked out.

A look I rarely saw on the man.


When he turned toward me and lifted the washcloth, I caught his wrist. “I’m okay. I promise, I’m okay.”

He jerked out of my grasp and took a step back. Pressing his lips together, he closed his eyes. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed audibly before taking several slow, deep breaths.

Then, those clear blue eyes were on me, bright and almost wild. “Well, I’m not.”

“Wha–” I cleared my throat as fear jumpstarted my heart and froze my skin with an instant prickling sweat. “What’s wrong?”

“If you’re going to keep ignoring everyone’s advice and feedback and keep doing shit on your own, I can’t…” He gestured between us. “I can’t do this.”

My mouth went dry. “Don’t…don’t say that.”

“I’ll still be here,” he said stiffly. “I said I’d help, and I will. I will always help protect you. But I can’t–” He broke off, mouth snapping shut.

Blood rushed in my ears, and I actually started to shake. If freaked out was a rare look for James, this – damp eyes, muscle twitching in his cheek from clenching his jaw, hands fisted at this sides and his posture no longer stiff, but…defeated – this was even rarer…and infinitely more unnerving.

“When I caught up to you,” he continued, voice quiet and rough, “you were on the ground, covered in blood and not moving. I thought you were dead… All because you’re too damned impulsive and believe invincible – and fuck if your friends will tell you otherwise because they’re under the same fucking misconception.”

“James, I’m sorry.”

“I know, but sorry isn’t going to save your life the next time. I know how important what you’re doing is to you. I get it, but you’re more important. Don’t you understand that?” He stepped forward and cupped my face, his hands cold and trembling. “You are more important. Losing you is going to destroy me.”

“You’re saying it like it’s a given, but it’s not,” I said quickly, desperately. “And, if you’re really staying, no matter what, I don’t see how not being with me would make it easier if something were to happen to me. It’s not like our relationship, or rather lack of, is suddenly going to wipe away the feelings you have.”

“It’s a given if you keep doing what you’re doing,” he countered then sighed, thumb skimming along my lower lip. “Nothing is going to wipe away my feelings for you, but I can distance myself, try to protect myself for the inevitable.”

I shook my head. “So, are you breaking up with me?”

“Are you going to admit you’re important, and start acting like it?”

“That sounds like emotional blackmail.” I stood, crowding into his space and settling my hands on his hips, and his fingers twitched against my face. Panic was still kicking my ass, but relief was quickly pushing it out. If we were done, he’d outright say it.

“Babe,” the corner of his mouth quirked up, even though his voice was still raspy with emotion, “I’m a thief, a criminal, and you’re surprised over a wee bit of emotional blackmail?”

I pressed even closer and rested my forehead on his shoulder. His arms came around me fully, and my chest ached as I heard him sniff. “Not really blackmail, just honesty…but still brutal.”

His embrace tightened momentarily before he let go. “We need to get you cleaned up.”

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Wednesday Randomness: Best & Worst Sex Scenes

This week, we’re talking about the Best & Worse when it comes to sex scenes.

Worst sex scenes, in my opinion, have one or more of the following:

  • No reason to be having sex at that point in the story. Sex for sex’s sake.
  • Stilted dialogue. Sooo uncomfortable, though I have laughed while reading some, just imaging some dude, or worse, my husband saying something like that in the middle of sex.
  • Shying away from real talk. For example, calling a cock a love sword…. That is just… Just no.
  • No connection to the characters. I need to see, feel, hear, smell what the character whose head I’m in is. Otherwise I feel no connection whatsoever and that makes it boring for me.
  • Speaking of connection… When the characters have no connection. I’m not saying they have to be in love, particularly early in a book, but there has to be something. If it’s all physical and lust-driven, I want to feel that. If other emotions are creeping in, I want to feel that.
  • When suddenly what they are doing is so out of character with no explanation given. Easy example of this is when reading a story, and things are moving along, then comes the sex scene and WHOA BUDDY suddenly BDSM sex is into play. Whips and chains and latex, oh my. No hint before that any of the characters were remotely interested or curious about such things. No talk of limits, safety, no consent…
  • And lack of consent, in general. Consent is sexy AND required, folks.

The best sex scenes, for me, are…well, the opposite of what I listed above. LOL

Beyond that, what do I love in a sex scene? Dirty talk – oh yeah. Laughter and teasing – I like when sex is fun. Sure, laughter isn’t appropriate in a particularly raw, emotional sex scene, but it’s appropriate, and awesome, at other times. Angry sex – not rape, not someone forcing themselves on someone, but the characters worked up and angry, and fuck it, they’re gonna have some sex. Love me BDSM and D/s scenes – no surprise there. And emotions. I want all the emotions, people. ALL. OF. THEM.

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Monthly Check-in: September 2018

Well, this month just flew on by. Geez. Hard to believe we’re going into October…

So, last month, I set these goals for September:

  • Daily Writing – Not exactly every day, but close to. And I’m not going to beat myself up for the days I didn’t because there was just no way it was going to happen. I have written more this month than I have in a loooooooong time, so I’m counting this as a big yes, and a win. 🙂
  • Remembering the importance of self-care…and actually doing it – I did do this. And I think it’s part of the reason that I’ve written more. Refilling that well, so I have more to give. Who knew? Well, I knew, but didn’t do it. Bad Jess. But focusing on it this month and being more productive was a good reminder. 
  • All scheduled blog posts – Yes. I am super happy about this because I had let blogging slide by the wayside the past months and I’m so happy to be back at it! 

All in all, September was a good month. I had some not-so-good moments/days, but I’m rolling with it. Tuck and roll, baby. Also, this week… I got to see Hamilton!!! Wooot. It was AMAZING! It was a magical evening with the kids, and I’m so happy I got to do it.

So for October

  • Daily writing – Keep it up!
  • Finish the book – this is doable. So doable. Needs to happen.
  • Self-care every day – remembering to refill that well. Soooo important.
  • All scheduled blog posts – Keep it up!

Bronwyn Green

Wednesday Randomness: Top Ten Things That Make Me Cranky


forgetting things


people chewing with their mouths open


feeling like shit but unable to do anything about it


autocorrect, aka “Nigel”

feeling like shit, and I know it’s my own damned fault

getting in my own damned way

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Wednesday Randomness: If You Could Pack Up & Leave on Vaca Today…

This week’s topic is…If you could pack up and leave on vacation today, where would you be off to? Easy answer. I would head back to the UK & Ireland in a heartbeat. I would rent a little cottage somewhere and write, and periodically take day trips to see all the things. 🙂

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