Wednesday Randomness: I Wanna Do That!!

Happy Wednesday!!! As you know, Bronwyn Green and I have been tandem blogging on Wednesdays. This week, I want to say welcome to Leigh Jones, who is going to join us on our Wednesday bloggin’ party. 🙂

This week we decided to blog on three things we’d like to learn how to do. Number one on my list, at the moment is….

Basic Home Repairs 

I have no desire to take care of everything in the house, but to be able to deal with those those things that come up every so often. Or in my case, every single stinking time my husband goes out of town. He’s currently out of the country, and I ended up with water all of the laundry room floor. The washer is losing water, and I cannot for the life of me figure out where it’s coming from. And, lets’ be honest, even if I did, I’d be clueless as to how to fix it. So I’d like to know how to deal with the basic household repairs–leaky faucets and the like–and not have to call the hubby or my dad to get over-the-phone instructions to fix something. (And major props to them for being awesome and patient with me when I do call on them for something!)

Learn to Knit Something OTHER Than a Rectangle!

I can knit a few basic things–a scarf, a blanket, a shawl (as long as it’s rectangular, mind you!), but I would love to be able to knit something more complex, and let’s face it, much more awesome. I see pics and patterns for things to knit and yearn to be able to do it. Something like this…


Learn to Cook Healthy but GOOD Food

I actually really enjoy cooking, and I’m not too shabby at it. However, I’m trying to be healthier and lose some weight. I’m not so good at the cooking light thing. Most of the things I’m good at cooking require lots of butter, cream, sugar…and pretty much anything else that I (and my family!) should only eat in moderation. Now, I’ve attempted some healthier cooking and I didn’t completely fail (though there were some failures in there, let me tell you!), but I don’t want to just eat the basic baked/grilled chicken or fish, grilled or sauteed veggies, salads up the wazoo… I’d love to learn to cook a variety of healthy, delicious food. Because, seriously, it needs to taste GOOD. And the healthier I eat, the more wine I can indulge with later, right? 😉

And that’s it from me. I’m sure I could come up with more things I’d like to learn, but honestly, I tried to come up with three things I had a CHANCE of learning in the near future. Realistic goals and all that.

What are some things you’d like to learn to do?

Make sure you go and check out Bron’s Post and Leigh’s Post and see what THEY want to learn how to do. 🙂



MERLIN CLUB: The Mark of Nimueh

Or The Freaking Dragon Ships It, So There!

RECAP – The episode begins with a sorceress, Nimueh, making a creature out of clay and places it in an egg thingy. She then brings the creature inside to life with a spell. 


The she sends it to the river that supplies Cameot’s water. Seriously, it was like being in the drive-thru at the bank—whoosh, away it goes. Once in Camelot, the egg surfaces in the city’s underground water supply (reservoir? Not sure what it’s called…  Added: Have been informed it’s a cistern. See, Merlin is freaking educational!)

Gaius and Merlin check out a dead man, who has died from unknown causes. 

He looks pretty gruesome so they cover him up and whisk him away to Gaius’s chambers. On the way, they see Gwen, who is taking flowers to Morgana and she gives Merlin one. Once they in Gaius’s chambers, Arthur comes in for Merlin and tells Gaius to go to the king. 

Turns out one of the royal court’s servants has died in the same mysterious way as the man Merlin and Gaius had been examining. Uther demands to know what the cause is. Gaius insists he needs more time (for the scientific process, folks. It’s aaaaaall about the science with Gauis…except when it’s not. :-/) but, after some pressure from our totally unbiased and completely non-prejudiced king, Gaius admits that it’s mostly likely sorcery. Uther orders Arthur to search every house in town and Merlin is to work with Gaius until they get some solid answers. 

Convo between Merlin and Gaius—Merlin can’t get why anyone would want to use magic for harm. The older man explains that, while magic is neither good nor evil, it is like any other power which can corrupt. They get to work but are interrupted by Arthur and some guards who search the physician’s quarters, including Merlin’s room. Merlin panics because of his book of magic—he is not being very careful with it. And then he uses magic to hide the book, which was out in plain sight. (Oh, Merlin…)

Arthur, finding nothing, leaves. Merlin gets upset that Gaius won’t allow him to use magic to help the victims. Gaius is convinced they only need to find the source of the plague before they do anything, and assures Merlin his time to be a great sorcerer is coming.

When Arthur fails to find any evidence of magic, Uther orders him to widen the search to surrounding areas, set a curfew, and isolate the part of town where most of the dead had lived. Merlin and Gauis have figured out that the sickness is not spread through physical contact since a courtier who’d died wouldn’t have been around the other victims. They deduce that the only similarity in all the sick is the water they drank came from the same source.

Gwen’s father, Tom, contracts the disease, and she is devastated when Gaius tells her there is no cure. That night, Merlin uses his magic despite Gaius warnings to sneak  to Gwen’s home and cure Tom by putting a poultice under his pillow and incanting a spell. 


Gaius informs the king that Camelot’s water supply is contaminated. When Merlin sees Gwen, he tries to act surprised that her father is well again but Gwen suspects something and questions him, but then laughs when he jokes that he’s psychic. Arthur sees Tom in town and questions him about his recovery. Since Gwen was the only person Tom says was with him, Arthur is forced to act. He searched their home and finds the poultice. He arrests Gwen and brings her to the king. Uther demands she lifts the curse. But, of course, she can’t. Uther, who assumes she is lying, sentences her to death.

Arthur and Morgana argue for her—Morgana saying there is no way Gwen used magic, and Arthur saying, even is she did, it was to save her father and clearly without evil intent. Arthur states that the punishment should fit the crime. He means, of course, that Gwen shouldn’t be executed but Uther twists it around and claims that Gwen played with fire so she shall die by fire.

Merlin visits Gwen in the dungeon and promises that he won’t let her die. He bursts into the king’s council and confesses to sorcery…. *gasps and clutches heart*

Arthur convinces Uther Merlin confessed because he’s in love with Gwen. At which point, Uther laughs (because he’s just that kind of guy *eyeroll*) and dismisses Merlin without punishment. 

Merlin and Gauis go to take water samples and discover the Afanc. Pretty, yeah?Might_afanc

Gaius says only a powerful sorcerer could create such a thing. Merlin goes to see The Great Dragon. The dragon tells him to use the elements available. Then he says that Merlin and Arthur are like two sides of the same coin, and their paths lie together. 

With people still dying, Uther moves Gwen’s execution forward. With Gaius’s help, Merlin figures out that since the Afanc is created of two of the four basic elements—water and earth—using the other two—air and fire—may destroy it. Morgana rushes in to let them know that Gwen is to be executed that evening and helps convince Arthur to go with them below and face the Afanc . After a bit, Arthur corners it and, with a bit of wind conjured by Merlin, kills the creature with his torch. 

 Nimueh watches this, scrying in her pool.

Later, Gaius beings Uther the remains of the egg that bore the Afanc—it bears the mark of Nimueh

Uther is quite upset and asks “Will I never be rid of her?” Gwen is released from prison and Morgana tells Merlin his secret is safe with her. At first he thinks she means his magic and is happy to have someone to confide it, but he realizes she believes he’s in love with Gwen, saying Gwen is a “lucky woman.”

In her cave, Nimueh vows that Merlin will pay for his interference.

If I’d written this episode, I would have changed… Honestly I can’t think of anything to change. I’ve been wracking my brain for quite a while and came back to this one. I’m at a loss here. But, never fear, I’ll make up for this in later episodes. Trust me.

The thing I loved and/or hated about this episode—Loved Arthur’s quick defense of Merlin when Merlin confesses. Also, that he defended Gwen—even if she did use magic, he could understand why.

Didn’t really hate anything, but I don’t like the hinted romance between Gwen and Merlin. Not the assumptions made by Arthur and Morgan, but the flirting between Gwen and Merlin etc. It’s subtle but it’s there. Makes you wonder if, since the creators of the show made prince and sorcerer contemporaries, are they going to make them romantic rivals as well?  I don’t like it. And not just because I think the boys should hook up, I swear.

Something I never noticed about this episode before—It’s not that I didn’t NOTICE the conversation when I watched before, but when Gaius and Merlin are talking about what the victims have in common, holy moly, Gaius is like Gawd, Merlin, you’re so stupid. (“sometimes I wonder if your magical talents were given to the right person.” Ouch, Gauis!) LOL It came up in our twitter convo while watching and it surprised me because I hadn’t thought about it before.

Favorite costume—It goes to Morgana this week. No surprise, really. Her costumes are fantastic. I love the dress AND the cape. 


Here is proof of some random head canon I’ve created—OMG, guys, guys, GUUUUUUYS!!! The dragon totally ships Merthur. C’mon, two sides of the same coin, your paths lie together…that’s soul mate talk…that  is NOT platonic. You cannot
convince me it is. 😉

What would Bronwyn steal from Camelot in this episode—The screen in Morgana’s rooms. 

What made Jen lose her shit (in a good or bad way) in this episode? Two things. The big one? That Merlin knew the town was being searched yet just left the poultice behind. Would it have been that difficult to remove or destroy the evidence? Think, Merlin, THINK!

The second? When Merlin confesses and Arthur successfully convinces everyone he’s lying because he’s in love with Gwen, Uther freaking laughs and says something like “Perhaps she’s enchanted you.” Nice, Uther. He’s chuckling it up and all, “Your love’s going to burn tonight; sucks to be you.” Urgh.

RANDOM THOUGHTS—The Great Gwen Wardrobe Watch Continues. She is still in the same gown. Although, it looks like that may change next week from what I saw of the previews…stay tuned.

Also, I’ll be posting a list of the things that could be used as a drinking game in this series. Will post that next week. Though some of the items…if you play, you may end up in the ER!

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Until the next episode—The Poisoned Chalice—which we will be watching Monday, 2/10, at 8pm EST. We’ll be on Twitter with the hashtag #MerlinClub

Wednesday Randomness: Apps I Love and/or Can’t Live Without

This week, for our tandem post, Bronwyn and I decided to blog about the apps we love and/or can’t live without. Check out Bron’s post here.

I don’t have anything amazing as far as apps go, really. But there are some that I use ALL THE TIME.



Don’t need to say much more than that, yeah? Always have to have email!

Social Media
Yet more ways to be constantly connected. 🙂 These are the best for when I’m waiting for kids to finish an activity or something. Especially when I don’t know how long it will be and I don’t want to start reading a book just to have to stop when the kid(s) climb in the car.
Tumblr – Ah, the place I can fangurl it up with my people. 🙂
Twitter & Facebook – You never know when you need to tweet/post something. LOL And I can scroll through my feed/wall any time I want.
Pinterest – This is my favorite for small periods of time. Just scrolling through pretty pics….yay.
Heath & Fitness


In my attempt to be healthier and get in shape, I use several apps.
My Fitness Pal – Love, love, love this app. It’s what I use to track my food intake. The best part is I can just scan barcodes to input my food. Honestly, anything that makes it easier is a keeper for me.
Pink Pad – This is a girl app. Won’t go into too much detail. LOL Let’s just say, I am horrible at keeping track of the time of the month. This apps helps me know exactly what is happening so I don’t get caught unawares – which totally sucks.
Runtastic PRO – I will say upfront, I DO NOT RUN. That’s just crazy talk. The hubby and the kids run (seriously, hubby did a marathon – INSANE); I do not. BUT I do walk. And it will track my distance and time.
BodyMedia FIT– I have a BodyMedia armband that tracks calories burned, hours slept, steps taken etc. It’s linked to my My Fitness Pal account so my calorie intake goal for the day is adjusted automatically for me. I can look at the app and know how far I’m off of my targets for the day. I use this one A LOT.
These are for fun, of course. Looking up videos on YouTube (the majority of which may or may not be fan made Merthur videos 😉 ), reading books on Nook and Kindle. I prefer to read on my iPad, but I have all the apps I talked about on both my phone and tablet so it all works out. 🙂
I am NOT good at explaining games, so I won’t even attempt to do so here. But I’ll let you know the few games I play regularly and don’t bore the crap out of me. LOL My phone used to be FULL of games but then the kids got their own smartphones and no longer use mine. 😀
Temple Run…just fun.
Hand & Foot – A card game. I enjoy it.
Words with Friends.

And that’s it, really.

Any apps you can’t live without? Or just love?




Or The (First) One With the Daddy Issues

 RECAP – Valiant, a knight, buys an enchanted shield from a sorcerer. The shield has three snakes painted on it, which come to life under Valiant’s commant. Apparently, these snakes are poisonous because Valiant uses them to kill the sorcerer then moves on to Camelot to compete in the annual tournament. 

We then see Arthur working on his sword-fighting skills with Merlin, aka beating the crap out of his manservant. Later with Gaius, a sore and weary Merlin uses magic to make a scroll come to him. Gaius slaps him upside the head and warns him not be caught using magic. Merlin bitches about Arthur and all the work being his manservant entails. Gaius says that Arthur is under a lot of pressure as the future king. 

The following day, Uther begins the tournament then tells Arthur that he expects his son will make him proud. Both Arthur and Valiant do well, defeating their opponents. Merlin uses magic later that night to do the long list of chores Arthur has given him while studying his book of magic. 

The competing knights greet Uther and Morgana, and there’s flirting between Valiant and Morgana. Arthur isn’t happy about that, and of course, Morgana doesn’t hesitate to taunt him. 

In the armory the next morning, Merlin hears hissing and looks at Valiant’s shield. He sees one of the snakes blinking, but before he can do anything, Valiant is there. Merlin manages to leave in one piece. Later, Valiant faces Ewan in the tournament and summons the snakes. Valiant wins and Ewan is taken to Gaius’ chambers. The physician discovers the snake bite and Merlin figures out what has happened. He runs to Valiant’s rooms and watches the knight feed mice to the snakes on the shield. When he tells Gaius what he has seen, the older man warns Merlin not to accuse Valiant without any proof. That Uther is not going to take the word of a servant over that of a knight. 

The tournament continues and the final match is between….*drum roll* 

Arthur and Valiant

Shocker, right?

Gaius tells Merlin he was right, that they have to Valiant. If they can make an antidote for Ewan, the knight can tell the king what has happened. While Valiant and the other knights are dining with the king, Merlin goes to Valiant’s chambers. When one of the snakes animates and tries to strike, Merlin cuts its head off. He delivers the head to Gaius, who begins to make the antidote. Merlin then takes the head to Arthur. 

Arthur asks for Merlin’s word that what he is telling him is the truth and Arthur believes him and calls for an audience with the king and court. Gaius gives Ewan the antidote and the knight wakes up, but when Gaius leaves to collect some herbs, Ewan is attacked by another of the snakes and dies. 

Before the court, Arthur accuses Valiant of using magic. Uther examines the shield but finds nothing. When Gaius comes and tells them Ewan is dead, Arthur is forced to withdraw his accusation and apologize. During all this Uther is quite the prick. Sorry, but he is. Arthur is humiliated and ends up firing Merlin, saying he needs a servant he can trust. 

Merlin visits the dragon, who says Merlins destiny lies with Arthur. A bit later, Gwen encourages Merlin to keep trying to expose the truth. Merlin searches the magic book for a spell to bring inanimate objects to life and tries the spell on a statue of a dog. He also tries to convince Arthur not to fight in the tournament, that Valiant will use the shield against him. Arthur says he knows, but he cannot withdraw because it would make him a coward, and who would follow a coward into battle. 

Merlin spends the night trying to make the statue come to life, managing to do so by morning. Valiant and Arthur face each other. Merlin watches and says the spell, bringing the snakes to life and exposing Valiant.

SORCERY!!!!! (NOW, Uther believes! *eye roll*)

Arthur, now unarmed, faces the snakes which Valiant has ordered to kill the prince. Morgana thows a sword to Arthur who kills the snakes and Valiant.

At the feast celebrating Arthur as the tournament’s champion, Morgana teases Arthur about being saved by a woman, which Arthur promptly scoffs at. He then goes and complains to Merlin about it. He admits that he was wrong and rehires Merlin as his manservant.

If I’d written this episode, I would have changed… I don’t think there’s there’s anything I would change really. At least I can’t think of anything right now. LOL 

The thing I loved and/or hated about this episode – I really like how this episode delves into the character of Arthur. We see a lot about him. Turns out there’s some depth to our favorite Prince Prat. Clearly, he’s under a lot of pressure from his father. And while it’s clear he wants to please his father and earn his approval, it’s clear that Arthur is so different from Uther. When Merlin tells Arthur about Valiant and says that he knows he’s just a servant and his word means nothing, the look on Arthur’s face speaks volumes. He doesn’t share Uther’s view in that area, that much is clear. Even after it goes horribly wrong, the fact that Arthur fires Merlin doesn’t change my opinion that son is nothing like father. Arthur trusted Merlin and stood up to Uther, which doesn’t seem like something he’s done a lot of. He’s humiliated in the face of his father’s disappointment and when his honor and courage are questioned. He reacts poorly and pushes away the person he feels responsible – Merlin. BUT, in the end, he admits to Merlin that he was wrong. Can you see Uther doing that? No, me neither. 

Thing I hated? Uther being such a prick. Especially when Arthur accuses Valiant. Uther acts like such an ass. He assumes what Valiant claims to be true – that Arthur is making these accusations because he is afraid to face Valiant. It was hard to watch the father-son dynamic in this one, to be honest. But I think it did add dimension to Arthur’s character so I guess it was worth it. 

Something I never noticed about this episode before – Gwen is wearing the same dress as she did in the first episode. Both episodes span several days; in this episode, we know for sure the tournament lasts three days.

Episode One
Episode Two

Now, I know she is a servant. As is Merlin who doesn’t have much variety in his wardrobe either. However, later on, she has a variety of dresses. I’ve admired them. Now, I’m going to be watching carefully to see when she wears something different. Thus begins The Great Gwen Wardrobe Watch

Favorite costume – I could easily point out one of the women’s dresses each episode, but I’ll attempt to mix it up. I really dig Arthur’s leather riding coat. Don’t know why, but I do…

Here is proof of some random head canon I’ve created – Again, this was the tough question for me. I think Merlin and Arthur “recognized” each other. They are drawn together – two halves of the whole. I think this episode shows that. How Arthur is with Merlin… He’s not like that with anyone else. He believes him, trusts him after such a short amount of time together. Even when he was angry and sacks Merlin, later, when Merlin goes to him later, Arthur admits that he still believes what Merlin said is true. And at the feast he admits he was wrong, basically apologizing to Merlin. I can’t imagine Arthur is someone who’s apologized much in his life. Yet he does to Merlin, a servant he has known for a short time. Because deep down, he recognizes his other half. (And that can be taken in a platonic way or in a way that includes romantic and sexy feelings too. I don’t think you have to think hard to figure which side I’m on. 🙂 )

What would Bronwyn steal from Camelot in this episode? This. 

Don’t really know what it is exactly, but I saw it and immediately thought, if Bron had a fireplace, that thing would be over it. 


What made Jen lose her shit (in a good or bad way) in this episode? I think a couple of things (maybe more… LOL) First, Valiant’s shield. How the heck did no on see the snakes come to life? 

Granted, the actual shield blocked it from view from the majority of the spectators (including the king’s box), but there were people all around, and no one saw those big ass snakes? All right, then. :-/ 

Second, that the knight, Ewan, who was bitten being left alone.

Especially right as Valiant was being confronted about using magic. What was Gaius thinking… Those herbs he needed to collect couldn’t have been THAT important. Is it any shock that the man was killed? 

Bron’s Merlin Club: Valiant Post

Jen’s Merlin Club: Valiant Post

Until the next episode – The Mark of Nimueh! (Which we’ll be watching Monday 2/3, at 8pm EST. We’ll be on Twitter with the hashtag #MerlinClub)


Wednesday Randomness: My Dream Home

So, to encourage each other to blog more regularly, the fabulous Bronwyn Green and I are going to be doing a bit of tandem blogging. This week, we decided to post about our dream house. You can check out Bron’s post here.

Normally, I’d say my dream house is on the shore of Lake Superior. At this exact moment of time, I will not say that, not with how this winter is going. So instead I’m going to focus on what I’d love to have INSIDE my dream house.

The Living Room – would KILL for those windows.

Bathroom….I’ve always had small bathrooms. I would adore one with ROOM and a big tub to soak in. *sigh*

The Bedrooms…

Isn’t that window seat the perfect place to curl up with a book??

I had more pictures stored but can’t access them. *Pout* But that’s okay. I think this gives you an idea of what I like, yeah? Rustic, with modern convenience…and lots of room. 🙂 Not asking too much, right?



MERLIN CLUB: The Dragon’s Call

or The One Where Merlin Finds His Prat….er, Purpose

THE RECAP- So we open with Merlin traveling to Camelot. When he arrives, the first thing he witnesses is the beheading of a man accused of sorcery, overseen by King Uther, who then orders a festival to celebrate 20 years without magic in the kingdom. The man’s mother, who is a bit upset (shocker), threatens the king’s son (“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a son for a son.”). But before Uther can have the woman arrested, she uses magic to get the hell out of there.

Later, when Uther confronts his ward, Morgana, about not attending the festivities, she makes it clear she sympathizes with magic users and disagrees with Uther’s persecution of them. She warns him that the more brutal he is the more enemies he’ll make. Uther, of course, is too cool to listen to this.

Merlin goes into the castle looking for Gaius, the court physician and the man Merlin’s mom sent him to. When he arrives in Gaius’ chambers, the older man falls from the balcony, and Merlin saves his life—using *gasp* magic.

Gaius questions him, but Merlin denies anything to do with magic (and, hello, can you blame him? He just saw a dude’s head chopped off for magic—don’t think I’d be rushing to confess either!) Eventually, Gaius gives Merlin a room to stay in and says he can help Gaius until they figure out what to do with him.

Meanwhile, the witch who threatened Uther is seen killing Lady Helen—a singer who is travelling to Camelot to sing at Uther’s festival. She then takes on the likeness of Lady Helen, though her true form can be seen in mirrors/reflective surfaces.

While sleeping, Merlin hears a voice repeating his name. The next morning at breakfast, tricksy Gaius knocks over a bucket of water and Merlin, without thinking, stops it from falling. Gaius warns Merlin against using his magic because of Camelot’s laws. Then he sends Merlin to deliver medicine to people. While out, Merlin sees a knight bullying a servant and steps in to defend him. After a bit of back and forth, such as this:

(Nope, no sexual way to take that….:-/)

There’s a good amount of sass from Merlin and he takes a swing at the knight, which ends with his arm twisted behind his back and the knight threatening to have him thrown in the dungeon. Turns out the knight is actually Prince Arthur. *jazz hands* SURPRISE.  He does, indeed, get thrown into the dungeon—where he hears the same voice from the previous night calling his name.  The next day, Gaius arranges to have Merlin released, but it comes at a price—the day in the stocks. Merlin seems to take it well and laughs and smiles while having produce thrown at him. There, he meets Guinevere (Gwen), Morgana’s handmaiden. After being released, Merlin happens upon Arthur in the marketplace (I guess that’s what it is since there’re booths and stuff) and more totally innocent, no-way-to-take-that-sexually-at-all banter happens….

and Merlin lets himself get pulled into another fight—this time with maces. While Arthur is clearly more skilled a fighter, Merlin uses magic to avoid getting hit and he so would have won the fight if he hadn’t seen Gaius watching….clearly unhappy.  Even though he bests Merlin, Arthur stops him from being arrested again saying Merlin is brave and that there is “something about” him.

“Lady Helen” (aka crazy witch mama) has arrived in Camelot and dines with King Uther. There’s a lot of talk and Uther is clearly into the woman and making eyes at her. They talk about how difficult it must have been for Arthur to grow up without a mother—how the bond between mother and son is impossible to replace.

Merlin is awoken that night by the voice calling his name. He sets out to find out where it’s coming from and ends up in a cave beneath the castle where he meets The Great Dragon (Kilgharrah) who is imprisoned there. The dragon says Merlin has a great destiny—to use his gifts to protect Arthur, help him become a great king and unite all of Albion. Merlin is less than impressed.

The next morning, Merlin is delivering more medications for Gaius. When he brings Morgana something for the nightmares she suffers, he finds her behind the screen changing. She mistakes Merlin for Gwen and he helps Morgana around the screen (who is totally unaware a strange man is in her room) until Gwen comes in and Merlin scoots out, all embarrassed.

He then delivers a potion to “Lady Helen” for her voice. She’s not in her room and he discovers some magical stuff on her table. “Lady Helen” returns and he is able to leave without arousing her suspicions. That evening, a maid isn’t so lucky when she sees the witch’s true reflection in the mirror and is killed by the witch’s touch and apparently some deadly humming.

At dinner all the boys drool over Morgana before they sit to eat. Once everyone is seated, “Lady Helen” begins to sing, which enchants the entire court and puts them to sleep and, I don’t know, ages the Castle? There are cobwebs all over everyone and everything, so whatevs.

Merlin, realizing there’s something amiss, covers his ears and sees the witch getting ready to throw a dagger at Arthur. He uses magic to drop a chandelier on top of her. The enchantment is gone and everyone wakes up. But wait! The witch, now in her true form, throws the dagger at Arthur before dying. Merlin uses magic again, slowing time and pulling Arthur out of the path of the blade. Uther, grateful that his boy was saved, insists on rewarding Merlin. His reward? A position in the royal household, as Prince Arthur’s manservant. As expected, neither Merlin or Arthur is particularly thrilled by this development.

Back in Gauis’ chambers, the older man gives Merlin a book of magic to study (in secret, of course!) then Merlin is summoned away to begin his duties as manservant to the prince.

If I’d written this episode, I would have changed… There’s nothing big I’d change, really. Some little things? The whole cobwebs and whatever happened to the castle during the enchantment. I don’t really know what that was about. It’s like the castle and everything were aging (like fruit on the tables going bad etc.), but the people weren’t aging or anything. What the hell was that? What was the point? I think it would have been enough just to enchant people to sleep.

The other thing I really just don’t get – Merlin is magic, yeah? He could move stuff around before he could talk. WHY THE HELL DID HIS MOTHER SEND HIM TO CAMELOT???? Uther’s stance on magic is not a secret; it’s very well known. Why would Hunith send her child to the place that is the LEAST safe for him. Sure, her letter to Gaius talked about how he was special and asked Gaius to take care of him, and it’s clear Hunith and Gaius are old friends, and but there wasn’t any explanation on the motivation to send him to Camelot of all places. And….AND when Merlin arrives and sees the execution of the man who used magic, he looks so shocked and horrified. Did he even know how dangerous is was? Was he warned not to use his magic? I mean, seriously warned – along the lines of “Hey, son, if you get caught using magic, you’ll lose your head, be hanged or burned alive. Have a safe trip and have fun, honey!”

Of course, it’s Merlin’s destiny to be there with Arthur, blah, blah, blah, but if I’d written, I’d have put in at least a hint of why Hunith would risk her son that way.

The thing I loved and/or hated about this episode.  I love how Merlin doesn’t kiss Arthur’s feet, even after finding out he is the prince. He doesn’t hesitate to call Arthur an ass if he’s being an ass, and they’ve just met. And that is something Arthur notices…and likes, I think. AND NEEDS. Because if Arthur is going to be the king he is destined to be… Well, he needs some work, yeah?  And clearly, up to this point, no ones bothered to call Arthur out on anything.

And while it may not be as obvious, Merlin needs Arthur. He desperately needs to know that he has a purpose, and that his magic has a purpose. He says in this episode, without his magic he is a nobody, that he might as well die (that was the teenaged angst portion of our episode). He questions why he is the way he is and even asks Gaius if he’s a monster because of his magic. Arthur gives Merlin his reason for being. He and his magic are to protect Arthur and help shape into the king who will unite the land of Albion.

It isn’t exactly a secret I totally love the Merlin/Arthur (Merthur) pairing. *I* see the chemistry from the first time they see each other (and luuuuuuurve it!) But even if you take the whole Merthur thing off the table and look at their relationship in a platonic/friendship sense…(*sniffle* but why would you????) they still balance each other in the exact same way. Everything I said above, still stands.

Something I never noticed about this episode before – Honestly, the thing that made me think “I didn’t notice that before!” was so minor but it’s all I have… Merlin isn’t wearing his neckerchief when he’s delivering medicine for Gaius and ends up in Morgana’s chambers.  I was all, oooooh, I see collarbone…*DROOL* Where the fuck is your neckerchief, MERLIN???? He always has it on. Now I’m going to be on the lookout every episode to see if there are other times he’s without.

Favorite costume – I have to say the gown the witch (“Lady Helen”) wore when she tried to kill Arthur. Girl was homicidal but she knew how to dress for a party. (Although the show’s creators don’t seem all that concerned with the fact that this dress and Morgana’s don’t really fit a show set in medieval-y times. Just an observation.)

Here is proof of some random head canon I’ve created – This one gave me trouble I admit. This episode is pretty early on so there isn’t much that I can say “There, THERE, is proof of…” I mean, obviously, I ship Merthur pretty hard, and I guess the things I saw in the episode that support that head canon, I’ve already talked about above – the immediate tension between the two men, the sexual innuendos…  It’s all there. I’m not imagining it, right? (And if I am? I’m not sorry…not even a little bit.)

What would Bronwyn steal from Camelot in this episode. I know there was a vase in this episode Bron liked, but I’m going to say, Bron would want Gwen’s cape.

Maybe the dress, too, ’cause it’s pretty. But I bet Bron would wear the shit out that cape while frolicking in the woods or on the moonlit shore of Lake Superior.

What made Jenny lose her shit (in a good or bad way) in this episode. I know she questioned why the witch would bother going through enchanting the whole court and throwing a knife at Arthur when apparently she could “touch him to death”. *Snort* Can’t blame the questioning there. As proven with the maid, she could touch him and hum away and, bam, revenge had!

OH, and Uther’s gloves. THE LEATHER GLOVES….that is a good thing that drives Jen
to distraction.

RANDOM THOUGHTS – Both Bradley James (Arthur) and Colin Morgan (Merlin) look SO YOUNG! That didn’t stop me from enjoying the view or anything because they are both extremely hot, IMO. I’d have to be dead not to notice and enjoy. And, OMG, those cheekbones… I could write odes to Merlin’s cheekbones.

Oh, and I have to thank my awesome daughter who made us our Merlin Club banner. I asked if she could do something we could put up with our posts and she delivered the awesome banner at the top of this post. So thank you, my darling girl!

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Jen’s Merlin Club: The Dragon’s Call Post

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