MERLIN CLUB: The Beginning of the End

Or the One Where Jess Uses the Ryan Stiles GIF Shamelessly and Often in the Recap

RECAP – A druid and a young boy are in Camelot, a quick trip to get supplies. 

But the shopkeeper has reported them and they are chased by guards. Merlin hears the boy scream in his mind when his arm is cut by one of the guards. 

The druid man is captured but he uses magic to help the boy get away. Merlin hears the boy telepathically begging for help and eventually finds the child. Merlin saves him from being captured and hides him in the castle. More specifically, in Morgana’s chambers after telling Morgana and Gwen that the boy will be killed if he’s found. There also seems to be an instant connection between Morgana and the child. When a guard knocks on Morgana’s door, she quickly gets rid of him, and the women and Merlin then discover the boy’s wound.

Uther orders the druid man’s execution. Arthur argues that the man was just collecting supplies, that the druids are a peaceful people. Uther, of course, doesn’t listen, saying the druids are a threat and would return magic to the kingdom – which, to Uther, would be the worst thing ever. At the man’s execution, Uther warns that anyone harboring the boy will be executed as a traitor. 

Hey, Uther….

At the moment of the druid’s death, the boy screams in Merlin’s mind and a mirror shatters. Merlin looks a bit disturbed by this. 

Later, Merlin asks Gaius about the druids and admits that he heard the child calling to him in his mind. Gaius warns him not to be caught hiding the child. The next day (I think it’s the next day…I’m easily confused), Merlin goes to Morgana’s chambers. The boy is sleeping and has refused to give his name or even speak. Morgana is upset that the king is willing to execute an innocent kid and says maybe some people with magic are born with it and don’t have a choice. They decide they have to get the boy back to the druids. 

At dinner, there is more odd Uther/Morgana interaction. They are eating alone, and I’m sorry but it’s just a weird vibe between them – definitely not guardian/ward feeling here. Uther asks if anything is troubling her, she makes excuses and insists she is fine. Arthur comes in and admits the boy has not been found. Uther vies for father of the year by putting Arthur down for not being able to find a mere boy but when Arthur asks what harm a boy can do, Uther insists that he is a druid and therefore dangerous. *eyeroll* Yes, Uther berate your son for not be able to find a little boy but then immediately talk about how dangerous he is and needs to be found RIGHT NOW. 

Hey, Uther…

Uther orders the search continue and Arthur obeys. 

The next day, the boy has a fever because his wound has become infected. Morgana wants to get Gaius but Merlin doesn’t think it’s a good idea and wants to try to help the child himself. At that moment, Arthur arrives with a guard to search the room. Banter between Arthur and Morgana and she finally tells him that yes she has the missing boy and he’s hiding behind the screen. Which is exactly where Merlin is hiding with the boy. Arthur thinks Morgana is just trying to make fun of him and leaves without looking. 

Merlin tries to learn how to treat the infection and Gaius catches him researching one of the bajillion medical texts. He is delighted the younger man is taking an interested and starts to lecture Merlin on human anatomy. Eventually he gets away and returns to Morgana’s chambers. While Morgana gets some water, the boy speaks to Merlin in his mind again, thanking him and calling him Emrys. This is what the druids call him. Merlin asks how the druids know of him but the boy doesn’t answer. 

That night, Merlin goes to the Great Dragon. The Dragon tells him he has many names, that Emrys is just one of them. He insists that Merlin not help the boy. Merlin asks why; the boy is magic just like Merlin. The dragon says that he and the boy are nothing alike, they are as different as day and night. He then flies away without telling Merlin why he shouldn’t help the boy. 

Morgana and Gwen are caring for the boy, and he calls out to Morgana telepathically. 

He is clearly weakening. When Merlin gets back, Morgana begs him to get Gaius. Merlin agrees. Gaius is furious that Merlin has been helping the druid boy and putting himself in danger. Merlin says the boy is dying and asks for Gaius’ help. Gaius agrees after some argument – mostly because Merlin gives him the pitiful, big-eyed, pouty face. Can’t say I blame him. I’d agree to anything for that face, though I suspect my motivations are vastly different than Gaius’!

Everyone who enters or leaves the city is being searched now, so Merlin comes up with a plan to sneak him through a door that leads to the lower town. Merlin has to use magic to get the key from Arthur. 

Morgana and the boy escape but are seen. Guards chase after them, and Arthur, realizing his key is gone, orders the warning bells rung (DRINK) and soon catches up with the guards pursuing Morgana and the boy. They quickly find the escaping duo and Arthur is shocked to see it’s Morgana but still orders them to be restrained and brought between the king. 

Uther, of course, is so furious and feeling oh so betrayed. Morgana begs him not to kill the boy. Uther orders the boy’s execution. Morgana runs after him asking what he has against the druids, why he is so full of hate. Uther spins around and grabs Morgana by the throat. 

Uther tells her not to speak to him until she is ready to apologize for what she’s done. 
Oh, Uther, you deserve to be Martin Freeman’d, you utter douchecanoe

Morgana swears to Merlin that she won’t let the boy die and asks for Merlin’s help. Which he agrees to gives. 

Arthur tries to convince Uther to spare the boy, if only for Morgana’s sake. He fears Morgana will never forgive Uther if he continues on this path. Uther is all pissy and says he doesn’t seek her forgiveness, that I was Morgana who betrayed him.  Arthur points out that Uther is sparing Morgana (remember when Uther said anyone hiding the boy would be executed as a traitor?) Uther says it’s only his promise to Morgana’s father that is saving her. The boy will be executed at dawn. 

Hey, Uther….

Also, to hear Uther talk, he’s utterly convinced the druids are actively trying to unseat him from his throne and take over Camelot with their wild, witchy ways, though there hasn’t been any evidence shown that supports this. It really does to show just how paranoid the king is and how much his hatred and fear of magic overshadows everything. 

Arthur looks very upset and conflicted as his father walks away. And hot. Did I mention HOT? He’s wearing Bron’s fave Arthur article of clothing – the scrumptious long brown leather riding coat. ROWR

Morgana asks Arthur for help to help the boy. Though it’s clear that Arthur doesn’t agree with Uther, he says he won’t betray his father. Morgana isn’t above a bit of manipulation though. She says he’s not like his father, he won’t rule like he does, and if Arthur won’t do it for the boy, do it for her. 

Merlin walks through the courtyard and sees the executioner sharpening his axe on his way to…Arthur’s chambers? I’m not even sure where he is, but he walks in on Morgana and Arthur (I’m thinking it’s meant to be Arthur’s chambers but at this point in the series it seems he’s in a different room every episode so I’m not really sure here.) 

Anyhoo, he walks in and asks if he’s interrupting anything. Arthur starts to brush him off but Morgana says that she trusts Merlin. Arthur tells him that they are going to break the druid boy out of the dungeon. Merlin protests and quickly says it’s too dangerous and if Morgana is caught helping the boy a second time, Uther will never forgive her. Though Morgana said she isn’t concerned about that, Arthur agrees that Uther would suspect her. He comes up with a plan for Morgana to go to Uther and apologize – if she is with the king when the boy escapes then he cannot suspect her. 

Merlin goes to the dragon and asks why he cannot help the boy. He tells Merlin if the boy lives, Merlin cannot fulfill his destiny. If the boy lives, he will someday kill Arthur. Merlin is very conflicted. He asks Gauis if he’d let something terrible happen if it meant stopping something even more terrible from happening in the future. Gaius says it would depend on how bad the things were. Merlin says that the first is really bad, but the second is unthinkable. To which Gaius says it seems like Merlin has already made up his mind and can only do what he believes to be right. 

Gwen asks Morgana why she is risking so much for the boy, Morgana says she feels a bond with the druid boy and that sh is meant to help him. As planned, Morgana goes to Uther and apologizes. He invites her to dine with him (and really, someone has to help him in the gluttonous spread of food).

Arthur lowers some smoking sachet down to where the guards are and they pass out. He releases the boy and tells him to send word to his people that he is coming. The guards soon discover the boy gone and (DRINK) warning bells ring. 

Merlin is not where they agreed he’d be to help with the escape. He’s in his room, upset at the situation he’s found himself in and the decision he’s forced to make. The boy calls out to him in his mind. And finally, unable to bear it any longer, he runs to help them. 

Arthur takes the boy into the forest. The boy tells Merlin that they will see each other again some day. 

Uther is freaking pissed that the boy escaped. He threatens Morgana that her punishment will be severe if he finds she had something to do with this. That he will not hesitate to break his promise to her father if she has betrayed him. 

Hey, Uther…

Arthur hands the boy over to the druids with the promise that it will not be known that it was Arthur who helped him escaped. As they leave, he asks the boy’s name. He finally speaks aloud “My name is Mordred.” Arthur wishes him good luck before turning back to Camelot. 

If I’d written this episode, I would have changed… I’d have had more Merlin and Arthur interaction. Definitely not enough Merthur goodness in this episode for me. 

The thing I loved about this episode: I love that Arthur ended up saving Mordred. And throughout the episode, even though he mostly followed Uther’s orders, he questioned them. He didn’t see the druids as a threat simply become some possess magic. He questioned killing a child, and even though it took some convincing from Morgana, he acted on what he thought was right and saved that child. It was really a glimpse into the king HE could become. 

The thing I hated about this episode: Besides the lack of Merthur? 😀  Uther drove me nuts in this episode. Really he did. Especially his treatment of Morgana. His hatred and fear of magic threatens every relationship he has and he can’t see that. 

Something I never noticed about this episode: When Morgana comes in to apologize (and distract Uther), the amount of food on the table is staggering. I didn’t notice that the first time through. It’s just Uther there, for crying out loud, and there’s enough food there to feed an entire family. FFS, Uther, there are starving children in Camelot!

Favorite costume:  Morgana’s dress (and I know Bron lusted after this dress too). I love it!

What would Bronwyn steal from Camelot in this episode? I would say Morgana’s dress (above). Though I think she would happily have saved the scruffy druid man from execution and taken him home. So there’s that. 

What made Jen lose her shit (in a good or bad way) in this episode? The Uther grabbing Morgana by the throat scene. And Uther’s leather gloves…Always. 

Bron’s Merlin Club: The Beginning of the End Post
Jen’s Merlin Club: The Beginning of the End Post

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Wednesday Randomness: I Can’t Live Without…

Happy Wednesday! We have a couple of ladies joining Bron, Leigh and me on our Wednesday Randomness posts. Welcome Kellie and Tess! So glad you’re here. 😀

So this week, we decide to list five things we can’t live without. So here it goes…

1. Family & Friends – To be honest, I wasn’t going to mention people at all, and keep this limited solely to things. Mostly because I have a lot of wonderful people in my life and to list them all would be impossible someone would get left out inadvertently (because I have a sieve for a brain), and when I finally realized the error, I’d feel horrible and guilty and wallow in it.

That being said, I just had to list this first, keeping it general and not naming names. Why did I have to list this? Well, I’ve been reminded over and over again lately just how awesome the people around me are. I have tremendous support from those in my life. I’m so lucky I can hardly believe it. Specifically, my husband is just…well, let’s just say I don’t know what I’d do without him. (And I didn’t say his name so I’m sticking with my no naming names rule!) He’s been traveling a lot for work lately and this results in a couple things. First, I’m so grateful for the help and support from family and friends as I single parent it with four kids. Second, even when he’s a half a world away, he’s the only one that can really calm my neurotic ass down. And he does it, without hesitation, even though he’s off working insane hours in a foreign country. For example, I was stressing about something last night, just worked up, and once I’d talked to him – a handful of words while he was in between meetings – and I was able to relax and actually sleep.

So yeah, I’m incredibly blessed with the people who are in my life and I damned well know it!

2. Caffeine – I’m not particularly picky here. Coffee or pop, either will do. I need the caffeine. I’ve always had trouble sleeping, so as a woman who has a lot to do, I need to be able to function. Caffeine is my crutch, plain and simple. I realize that this is a bad cycle because I consume huge amounts of caffeine, which then affects my sleep, then I need more caffeine, and so on and so on. It’s a problem, and  I should probably cut back. Really really should. And I hope someday I can. But today is not that day. *glug glug*

3. My phone – Yeah, I’d be lost without it. I use it ALL the time. To check email and listen to music, My to do lists are all on there. I don’t even wear a watch; my phone IS my watch. And it’s how I’m available all the time for my kids. With three teenagers and one preteen, our schedule are insane. So checking in is done by text or phone call a lot of the times. Also, when I forget to pick up a kid (which has happened an embarrassing number of times) because I’m running with another or something, I can be contacted immediately. And speaking off, the regularly scheduled pick ups or drop offs? All scheduled in my phone to ding with reminders. Yeah, definitely be lost without my phone.

4. Internet – Seems silly but OMG, when my internet was down I thought I was going to go insane. INSANE!! Everything I do is online, almost! My family – mom, dad, siblings – live hundreds of miles away. Most of my friends live hundreds of miles away (AND I met most of them…yep, you guessed it, ONLINE). And yes, I can – and do – call and talk to them, but honestly the internet is what keeps us connected. Whether it’s email, IM, playing Words with Friends with my mom and sister, FaceTiming or Skyping with the hubby when he’s out of town, or using it for work/research, the internet is definitely my friend and a HUGE part of my every day life. It keeps me connected.

5. Tumblr – Okay, if forced to, like during a zombie apocalypse, of course I could live without Tumblr. But, guys, this is my happy place, I’m not ashamed to say. I can fangirl like crazy and just not think about stuff. It’s total escape for me, and sometimes, I just need that.

Check out what the other girlies said they couldn’t live without!

Bronwyn Green
Leigh Jones
Kellie St. James
Tess Grant

Until next week! 🙂

MERLIN CLUB: The Gates of Avalon

Or the One Where Jess Says “What? No mouth-to-mouth scene????”

RECAP –The episode opens with Morgana having a nightmare about Arthur. He’s drowning while a woman stands above him watching. 

While hunting, Merlin and Arthur come across a man and woman being attacked. Arthur fights the men (bandits? Robbers?) off, though Merlin helps magically unbeknownst to Arthur. The woman, Sophia, turns out to be the one from Morgana’s dream and she is with her father, Aulfric. Both have these staffs that look suspiciously magical but this doesn’t seem to be noticed. 

They are brought to Uther, and we find out that Aulfric is the heir to the kingdom of Tír Mòr, which has been taken by raiders. He and Sophia are traveling to other family. Uther invites them to stay in Camelot for a while. 

Sophia is put in the room next to Arthur’s. It’s pretty clear Arthur is into this chick. Morgana sees Sophia, and freaks out. She goes to Gaius and tells him her dream and that Sophia was the woman in the dream. Gaius tries to calm her down and gives her a sleeping draught. He tells her not to bother Uther with this – it’s just a dream.

Not just for Edwin anymore…Congrats, Gaius.

Morgana doesn’t seem too convinced.

Aulfric returns to the forest to the one bandit who survived. He had paid them to attack them. He kills the man using magic. Despite the sleeping draught, Morgana has the dream again.

The next morning, Arthur and Sophia go riding. Arthur convinces Merlin to cover for him since he’s skipping patrol to do this. Gwen tells Morgana to go to Uther about the dream, but Morgana fears that the king will punish her for sorcery. And can you blame her??

Meanwhile, Uther realizes that Arthur is missing. Merlin covers for him, taking the blame for his master’s absence. This lands him in the stocks.

In the forest, Sophia starts to chant a spell or something on Arthur but are interrupted by some knights. She gets awfully pissed when he comes close to touching her staff. But Arthur doesn’t seem to think this strange. They go back to Camelot. When Merlin comes back to Gaius’ chambers and explains how he was in the stocks and why, 

Gaius grows suspicious of the guests especially in light of Morgana’s dreams. He searches Aulfric’s things and finds his staff, which has runes carved into it. He’s caught by Aulfric but manages to come up with an excuse and hightales it out of there. He did see Aulfric’s eyes flash red, and this deepens the mystery of who, or what, Aulfric and Sophia are.

Morgana confronts Sophia, saying she’ll hunt Sophia down if she hurts Arthur. Sophia taunts her, implying that Morgana has feelings for Arthur and she is merely jealous.

When Sophia rejoins her father, he asks why she hasn’t completed her mission. They want to reopen and enter the gates of Avalon. They agree that the enchantment must be done by the next day.

Morgana tries to warn Arthur about Sophia but he is a giant ass. Convinced she is jealous…because it’s all about getting into Arthur’s pants, doncha know?

The next day, Arthur asks Merlin to cover for him again so he go out with Sophia again. Aaaaaaaand, there’s Merlin in the stocks again. 

Sophia successfully casts her spell and Arthur is now under her control.

When Merlin returns from the stocks, Gaius tells him that Morgana is a seer – able to see the futre in her dreams. He has known for a while but has been giving her sleeping draughts and hiding it to keep her safe from the king. He shares his concerns fro Arthur based on Morgana’s dreams and what he found in Aulfric’s room. Later, Merlin overhears Sophia telling her father that the spell worked and that they can now use Arthur as they wish. 

Merlin then follows Aulfric to a lake, where he summons the Sidhe – weird, ugly blue fairy type creatures. 

Turns out Aulfric and Sophia were bansished from Avalon because Aulfric killed another Sidhe. Aulfric has to stay human, mortal, but Sophia can return if they sacrifice a prince to the Sidhe.

The next day, Arthur asks Uther for permission to marry Sophia. Uther denies this request and there is this weird ass exchange between Uther and Morgana that is like a married couple discussing their child.

Uther says Arthur is too young to marry and threatened to arrest their guests if Arthur pushes this or defies him. Afterwards, Uther and Morgana are walking in the halls and the weird assness continues. 

Morgana nearly tells Uther about her dreams but she doesn’t. Merlin tries to warn Arthur but Arthur is too far under Sophia’s control and she and Aulfric come in and Aulfric knocks Merlin out by throwing him magically against the wall. Morgana sees Arthur leaved with Sophia and her father and rushes to tell Gaius.

Gaius finds Merlin and tells him what has happened. Merlin rushes after them to the lake. Sophia learns that Aulfric cannot return to Avalon with her and she’s all teary about that but then begins the ceremony at his urging. He warns her that if the Sidhe don’t claim Arthur’s soul they will take hers. When Merlin arrives, Sophia has Arthur under the water. He grabs the staff that she has left on shore and kills both her and Aulfric.

He runs into the water and saves Arthur before the prince drowns.

Back in Camelot, Arthur wakes with no memory of what happened. Merlin and Gaius tell him he tried to elope with Sophia and that Merlin knocked him out and brought him back home. He’s horrified – more about the fact Merlin could knock him out than the elopement, I think. All agree to keep all of this from Uther and as a result, Merlin takes the blame for Arthur’s absence again. And, you guessed it, back into the stocks for our warlock.

Gauis gives Morgana another sleeping draught and makes Merlin promise not to tell her about her powers. Morgana has another nightmare.

If I’d written this episode, I would have changed…I’ve got a few for this one. 
I didn’t care for the dynamic between Uther and Morgana. It was very couple-y and made me feel squicky. They certainly didn’t come across as guardian and ward, that’s for sure. 

Another thing is the lack of suspicion when it comes to Sophia and Aulfric. Strangers show up with staffs that are all magical looking and no one blinks an eye? In a kingdom where even a whisper of magic and someone is losing their head…Really? And Arthur doesn’t think it strange when Sophia freaks when he reaches for her staff? Come on, now. 

And after Merlin saves Arthur…BAM we cut straight to Camelot. Arthur was underwater for some time… I really think he would have needed some, ahem, reviving. Where was the mouth to mouth and Merlin fussing over him? Oh if only they had shown that…

The thing I loved about this episode – Merlin. How he is so willing to help Arthur and him running into the water to save Arthur…one of my favorites scenes.

The thing I hated about this episode – Arthur. God, he was such an ASS in this episode. The scene when Morgana tries to warn him, I wanted to kick his ass so badly. He assumes it’s because she’s jealous and then outright laughs when she says she had a dream about it. That’s going to make her be open about her dreams in future, yeah? *eye roll* He deserves to be punished for his asshole-ness. I know Bron will be all over that, never fear. 

And the way he was with Merlin… Sure, Merlin was all for covering for him, but man, THREE times in the stocks… Arthur owes him!

Something I never noticed about this episode before – Arthur’s bedroom in this episode is NOT the bedroom he has in other episodes. I couldn’t find a pic of it and it’s driving me nuts. But it’s not the same. It’s smaller and situated all wrong. 

And Merlin spends a good deal of time in this episode sans neckerchief (NECKERCHIEF WATCH 2014!) And you know how I love that. Hmmmm collarbones…

Favorite costume – I know I should say something about Morgana’s fabulous stole or something but my favorite is…

Wet Merlin. You can’t even see how fabulous it is here, but hmmmm. I know…I have a problem. And I’m okay with that. 

Here is proof of some random head canon I’ve created – Again, I’ve thought and thought on this one, and I’ve got nothing for this episode. 🙁 

What would Bronwyn steal from Camelot in this episode? Sophia’s jewelry. 

What made Jen lose her shit (in a good or bad way) in this episode? I think the Uther-Morgana dynamic did. But I also think how Gaius deals with Morgana would bug her. Drugging her to sleep to hopefully prevent dreams and keeping her in the dark that they are visions is not cool at all. 

Until the next episode – The Beginning of the End – which we’ll be watching Monday, 3/10, at 8pm EST. We’ll be on Twitter with the hashtag #MerlinClub

Wednesday Randomness: Shuffle, Shuffle, Shuffle

Happy Wednesday!

This week Bron, Leigh, and I are writing about music. We are putting our ipods/mp3 players on shuffle and sharing the first 10 songs that pop up. I was quite happy with this (easy!) topic since this week is CRAZY busy.

So here we go…*shuffle* (Song – Artist – Album)

1. On the Rise – Neil Patrick Harris & Felicia Day – Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Soundtrack Um, nothing much to say here, but I love Dr. Horrible? And Felicia Day. And freaking NPH. The songs on this album are often belted out around chez Jarman. Not just by me.

2. White Blank Page – Mumford & Sons- Sigh No More Oh, Mumford & Sons. I adore them, I adore this album. This is one of my go to albums for pretty much anything…when I’m writing, when I’m cleaning, when I’m just lazing about.

3. Fucking Perfect – P!nk – Greatest Hits…So Far This song… I won’t lie; I like P!nk’s music. But this song… The video makes me cry. Every time. (It could be triggering some ppl. Specifically, it had images of self-harm, so don’t play if this is an issue for you. Just wanted to say that upfront). This song is also on my playlist for a project I just started working on. Fits my heroine and her journey perfectly, I think. So it’s getting a lot of play time.

4. Towers Fall Into the Sea – Clocks & Clouds – Life Beyond Reason Another go to album/artists for me. The cellist used to be my kids’ orchestra teacher. Clocks & Clouds is amazing. Wonderful writing music. 

5. We R Who We R – Ke$ha – Cannibal Well apparently, if the artist has a symbol in their name they are on my list. Do not judge me people. This is a great song to work out to. And for funsies, enjoy this video…the song signed. It’s fabulous. 😀

6. The Mustard – Cast – Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More with Feeling Soundtrack So this isn’t even really a full song, but yes, I have the Buffy musical soundtrack. And I like it. Not sorry. 😛
7. We Shall Never Surrender – Clocks & Clouds – Life Beyond Reason Huh, another Clocks & Clouds. Love this one too. 😀 
8. Deee-Lite – Groove is in the Heart – The Very Best of Deee-Lite Oh man, I can feel the judgement already. Go ahead, I can take it. 
9. The Lighthouse’s Tale – Nickel Creek – Nickel Creek One of my favorite songs. Love Nickel Creek and love Chris Thile on the mandolin…
10. Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s – All That We Needed Not much to say about this one. Like the song. LOL 🙂 
And that’s it. First 10 songs on shuffle. Check out which songs Bron and Leigh came up with! 


MERLIN CLUB: A Remedy to Cure All Ills

Or the One When Jess Apologizes for Completely Overusing GIFs but She Just Can’t Help Herself
RECAP – The episode opens with a man enchanting a beetle and putting it in a flower. Then, we see Gwen bringing a bunch of same kind of flowers into Morgana’s chambers. They had been left for the king’s ward anonymously. That night, the man is standing in the courtyard, starting creepily up at Morgan’s window. Half of his face is quite scarred.
I always feel like somebody’s watching meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….
While Morgana sleeps, the beetle crawls out of the flower and into her ear. This is when I started feeling the itchies, and this continued most of the episode. A couple days later, Morgana is very ill. Gaius has diagnosed an inflammation of the brain but cannot find the cause and doesn’t know how to cure this. Merlin offers to try magic, but Gaius reminds him of what happened the last time he used magic to cure someone (Gwen’s father…and Gwen nearly being executed).
The mysterious man arrives at the castle and introduces himself to Arthur. His name is Edwin Muirden and claims to be a physician who has a “remedy to cure all ills.”
This gif is saved as “Edwin” in my files.
Arthur turns him away and Edwin tells him he’ll be at the inn if Arthur changes his mind.
Morgana worsens and Arthur tells his father about Edwin. Uther has Edwin summoned to the castle. Gaius seems to recognized Edwin but when he asks, Edwin denies having met Gaius before. Edwin asks to be left alone to examine Morgana. And everyone leaves. WTF?? Yes, let’s leave a woman on her death bed with a man who has just walked in off the street. Smart. Before he can do anything, Gwen comes in. Edwin gets pissy and orders her to get some water. As soon as she is gone, Edwin uses a spell to remove the beetle.
Edwin then tells Uther that Morgana suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, not inflammation of the brain. He doesn’t come out and call Gaius incompetent but it’s definitely the gist of what he says. Gaius asks Edwin again if they’d ever met. 
Then, suspicious, Gaius goes to Geoffrey of the Fake Eyebrows…I mean Geoffrey of Monmouth to see records from the Great Purge (when Uther banned magic). But Geoffrey is hesitant to open the records – afraid because the king would not be happy with it.
Merlin is in Edwin’s room, looking at his equipment…
…and thank GAWD that is NOT a metaphor!
when he finds the box with the beetles, which are not moving. When he reads the inscription on the box… 
Because no harm EVER came from reading an inscription on a box… Oh wait, The Mummy sucked the life from like three men (in the original and the sequel! I apologize for randomness of this but when Merlin started reading the inscription it’s the first thing I thought of) Quit reading boxes, people!!
…the beetles come to life. Edwin catches him and seems impressed with his magic. He tells Merlin not to be afraid to use magic for good and offers to help Merlin learn…be his mentor.
Geoffrey comes to Gaius’ chambers with records from the Great Purge – apparently his friendship with Gaius is stronger than his fear of the king. Meanwhile at dinner with Uther, Edwin fills Uthers head with doubts about whether Gaius is competent. 
Later in the evening, Gaius confronts Edwin. He has learned who the man is. His parents were friends of Gaius and were executed for practices dark magic. This is also how Edwin was scarred – he ran into the fire as his parents burned. Edwin places some of the blame for their deaths on Gaius, as the older man was a sorcerer but chose to stop using magic and turning his back on his friends. He threatens Gaius, saying if Gaius goes to Uther or anyone about him, he will turn Merlin in for using magic.
Edwin now doesn’t just hint about Gaius, he comes right out and tells Uther that the physician is failing at his job in his old age.
Gaius goes to see the Great Dragon. It’s a basic smack down between them. And honestly, I think, the dragon totally wins. Saying Merlin and Arthur will unite Albion but cannot do so until Uther’s time has passed. Gaius is unwilling to sacrifice Uther for Merlin so the dragon tells him to turn a blind eye, “that is after all, your talent.” Ouch.
Gaius is called before the king and is dismissed as court physician. 
The fact that he thanks Gaius for his years of service and offers him a generous allowance is the only thing stopping me from using the full on Martin Freeman gif. He just gets the Ryan Stiles…for trusting a stranger;s word – who had been in Camelot a matter of DAYS – over his friend and faithful subject who had been there for YEARS.
Gaius decides to leave Camelot. He tells Merlin that he is like a son to him and that he has a great destiny. Gwen sees Gaius leaving. She tells him she doesn’t trust Edwin, but Gaius says there is nothing he can do.
The next day, Edwin wastes no time. He gives Uther something for an old battle wound that acts up and the potion paralyzes the king. He then inserts one of the beetles into Uther’s ear telling the king it will eat his brain and kill him within hours.
seriously I kept feelings things crawl on me this whole freaking episode!
Gaius returns to the castle, unwilling to let Edwin kill Uther. He tries to use magic against Edwin but fails – I think he got the pronunciation wrong. Edwin then makes this ring of fire flare up around Gaius.
Merlin, having been told by Arthur that something is wrong with Uther, bursts in. Edwin tries to convince Merlin that they could rule together using magic. Merlin doesn’t fall for that and Edwin magically sends an ax from the wall flying towards Merlin. Merlin, wordlessly, stops it and sends it back at Edwin. Apparently, Edwin’s remedy couldn’t cure an ax to the face and Edwin is dead.
Gaius and Merlin rush to the king. Merlin is hesitant to save Uther with magic but Gaius convinces him it needs to be done. Merlin magically extracts the beetle and Uther is all better. Later, believing it was Gaius who saved his life, Uther gives Gaius his job back and makes him a free man. Then, tells Gaius privately that Gaius is the only man he can trust in the fight against magic.
If I’d written this episode, I would have changed…I wouldn’t have had Merlin be so trusting with Edwin so quickly. It’s like, ooooh he has magic, so I should trust him. I think he should have been more wary. Especially since it’s a guy who shows up, miraculously cures Morgana – and no one yells SORCERY? Are you kidding me? – and is worming his way into the king’s good graces. Suspicious as hell, imo. I don’t see Merlin being THAT trusting. I think he should have been more cautious. 
The thing I loved about this episode – I actually really liked the moment between Gaius and Merlin when Gaius is packing to leave. When he tells Merlin he is like a son to him. It was a heartwarming moment.
The thing I hated about this episode – How little Merlin – Arthur interaction there was in this episode. It gives me a sad, people. 
Something I never noticed about this episode before – This was a hard one. I have to go with Uther’s leather pants as he’s recovering. I didn’t notice that until Jen pointed it out. But, c’mon, we all throw on a pair of leathers when we are recovering from a near death experiences, don’t we? 
Favorite costume – Morgana’s night clothes. 

Here is proof of some random head canon I’ve created – I have nothing in this episode. 🙁 

What would Bronwyn steal from Camelot in this episode? Morgana’s snake necklace
What made Jen lose her shit (in a good or bad way) in this episode?
Good way – That our guy is getting even more screen time.
Bad way – That everyone just left an unconscious Morgana alone with some stranger. 
Until the next episode – The Gates of Avalon – which we’ll be watching Monday, 3/3, at 8pm EST. We’ll be on Twitter with the hashtag #MerlinClub

Wednesday Randomness: My Sad Purse Post *pout*

Happy Wednesday, everyone. So this week, Bronwyn, Leigh and I are sharing what’s in our purse or bag. So I grab my purse, thinking this isn’t going to be the most entertaining post. Let’s face it, the contents of my purse are much more amusing when I’m on a trip or something. Or when I had little kids there were always interesting things finding their way into my purse. 

So I sit down and start pulling stuff out… And seriously, this is what I find: 

As boring as I feared my purse-sharing would be, dear friends, this isn’t what I expected to find. 
Where is my lip balm, my gum, my small notebook, my hand sanitizer? Where????? I will tell you… I have 4 teenagers (well 3, one is a preteen, but CLOSE ENOUGH) who are THIEVES!!!!
So this is what I’m left with. My wallet, pens, and TWO FREAKING PENNIES! Thank you, children, for leaving me two cents. 
My keys are normally in my purse, but hubby was using my car so… Although, when he got back and popped the keys back in my purse, he added a little something extra: 


And, of course, I would have my phone in there as well, but was using it to take the pics. So I swiped my son’s phone, so I could show you the gorgeous phone cover I now have thanks to Bron! She’s the best.
Isn’t it pretty???
So that’s it for me and my purse. LOL I’m positive Bron’s post and Leigh’s post will be far more fun. LOL 


Or The One That Confims Jess’ Collarbone Kink
RECAP – Merlin is off picking mushrooms in the forest (and is NOT wearing his neckerchief!) and is attacked by a griffin. The beast is about to get him, but a handsome young man comes to the rescue, swinging a sword. The sword breaks and doesn’t harm the griffin. Merlin and the man run away and the griffin, after chasing a bit, flies away. The stranger, who was hurt during the fight, introduces himself as Lancelot.
Only the good looking are allowed near Camelot, clearly. ROWR
Later, Uther and Arthur search the forest for the creature who has killed people from a nearby billage. Uther orders Arthur to prepare Camelot’s knights as it seems the griffon is headed their way.
Lancelot is all better and tells Merlin his lifelong dream of being a knight of Camelot. Merlin says he’ll put in a good word with Arthur, but then he learns that only those of noble can become knights. Lancelot is quite disappointed by this as his dream is crushed. (Awwww).
Merlin, undeterred by pesky rules, especially those he deems unfair, uses magic to forge a seal of nobility for Lancelot. The other man is reluctant to use it, but Merlin convinces him this is the only way he can prove his worth. He takes Lancelot to Gwen to fit him for chainmail. While she’s measuring him, there are many heated looks and It’s obvious they are into each other.

Gaius, of course, gets on Merlin’s case for creating the seal for Lancelot, but Merlin is steadfast in the defense of his actions – the rules are unfair and he has to repay the man who saved his life.

The griffin moves closer to Camelot and Uther tells Arthur to ready the knights. As a result, lancelot’s test of knighthood is moved forward. He has to last one minute in a fight with Arthur. After a bit, Lancelot fakes defeat and attacks Arthur when the prince moves to to remove his ribbon thingies.
Lancelot is knighted, but Uther is suspicious and orders Geoffrey of Monmouth (the court genealogist and the dude who looks like he’s from the Guess Who game…) to examine the seal.
Does your person know the genealogies of every noble house?
During the evening’s celebration (is it in celebration of Lancelot becoming a knight..not really sure?), Merlin asks Gwen who she would choose to fall in love with.
Gwen says she will never have to make the decision. Meanwhile, the men in question are talking about women. Arthur asks Lancelot if he finds
Morgana beautiful (though not by name). Lancelot, talking about Gwen, says yes.
The next morning, guards come into Gaius’ chambers and arrest Lancelot. Geoffrey has ruled the seal a forgery , and Uther is appalled. He seriously has a real hard on for the whole “First Code of Camelot”, that only a nobleman can be a knight thing. Lancelot is thrown in the dungeons. Arthur argues that Lancelot has proven himself, but Uther says he has betrayed their trust and not worthy.
Gaius, having done the research he is famous for, has discovered the creature is a griffin. Arth and the knights battle it and it destroys Arthur’s weapons but retreats when Arthur uses a torch. Gaius tells the king that it is a creature of magic and can only be defeated by magic. Uther says oh no, they can lure it and kill it that evening. Because why listen to Gauis, right? Uther obviously knows best.
Hey, Uther…
Gaius tells Merlin he has to use magic or Arthur will be killed. Merlin works on learning the hard to pronounce spell.
Arthur releases Lancelot – saying he wishes he could make Lancelot a knight because he fights like one. Instead though he orders him to leave Camelot before the king finds out. Lancelot goes to Gwen and asks for armor and weapons so he can help fight the griffin anyway. She begs him not to go. Merlin learns of Lancelot’s plans and follows quickly.
The knights are in a clearing and are slaughtered by the griffin. (Thanks, Uther) Arthur is wounded and down for the count (DRINK!) when Lancelot goes after the beast. Merlin uses the spell and Lancelot’s spear begins to glow and he is able to kill the griffin.
Merlin runs away before Arthur comes to so when the prince wakes he believes it was Lancelot alone who killed the creature.
Uther is majorly pissed off that Arthur released Lancelot. Seriously, Uther? You sent your knights to their deaths because you wouldn’t listen and you can’t thank the man who saved your son from the same fate?
Hey, Uther…
Arthur argues that Lancelot saved him and fought with honor. That he should be a knight of Camelot. But Uther refuses. In the hall, waiting to hear his fate, Lancelot tells Merlin he knows that it was Merlin who made it possible to defeat the griffin – repeating the spell. He promises to keep it secret. Then he goes to the king and prince and says he cannot stay. He’s come between father and son and he can’t stand that. He has decided to leave Camelot. Gwen watches him from Morgana’s chambers, lovesick and wistful. Merlin hopes to see Lancelot return someday. 
If I’d written this episode, I would have changed… This was the hardest one for me. I can’t think of anything I’d change really. The things I didn’t like (Uther–see below) I wouldn’t necessarily change. I guess if I had to pick something it was that Lancelot was just too freaking perfect. The worst thing he did was lie about his lineage, and that was after Merlin convinced him. And I know it’s only one episode, so I don’t know that they could have done more with him, but at this point he’s a pretty one-dimensional character. A very pleasing-to-look-at one, but one-dimensional. I’d like to see more depth, and I guess we’ll have to wait and see if we get that later in the series…

The thing I loved about this episode – I’ll admit I’m a sucker for Arthur fighting. Bradley James, you do it so well and look so pretty while you’re doing it. Add Santiago Cabrera (Lancelot) to the equation? HEAVEN…. 

The thing I hated about this episode – It drives me nuts when Uther doesn’t listen. Yeah, I know it’s not going to change and it’ll keep driving me nuts. But he’s all magic this and magic that, but then when Gaius says, this is magic, he’s all naaaaaaaah. Let me send my knights and son out there because I refuse to listen and admit someone knows more than me. He pisses me off so much that right now, the Ryan Sti
les flipping him off isn’t even enough. So courtesy of my awesome kid…. Hey Uther….

That’s right, Uther, I Martin Freeman’d your ass.

Something I never noticed about this episode before – So when Lancelot presents his fake seal to Arthur, Arthur hits him and knocks him down and says he has slow reflexes, that if it were battle he’d be dead, and to come back when he’s ready. When Lancelot tells him he is ready, Arthur considers then sends him to clean out the stables. The reaction from Merlin and Gwen who are watching this whole time: 

Now, at first, I was like, look how happy they are for their friend. (And the pic doesn’t do justice to just how joyful Merlin looks) THEN when watching this time, I realized…he’s just beyond thrilled that someone else has to muck out the stables!!!! 
Favorite costume – Merlin spent a good portion of this episode sans neckerchief. You will not hear me complaining. Hello, collarbones. 
*nuzzle nuzzle SLURP SLURP*
Here is proof of some random head canon I’ve created – It’s no secret that I’m firmly in the Merthur camp. They are made for each other. HOWEVER, if they were to ever consider adding a third to spice things up… Lancelot is one of the oh, three people I would approve of in that situation. (Because clearly they would need my approval. *snort*)

What would Bronwyn steal from Camelot in this episode?
The mirror in Morgana’s chambers. It’s behind Morgana when she she’s talking to Gwen as Gwen gazes out at the leaving Lancelot. The pic isn’t from this episode (because heaven forbid that I can actually find what I’m looking for!) but it’s the same mirror. 
What made Jen lose her shit (in a good or bad way) in this episode? 
I’m going to go with Arthur drooling over and making googly eyes at Morgana at the celebration. 
I got nothing here. But I’ll leave this here for all you Lancelot lovers. Just look at that smile… (And I’m not indifferent, by any means, I just lurve another.)
Until the next episode – A Remedy to Cure All Ills – which we’ll be watching Monday, 2/24, at 8pm EST. We’ll be on Twitter with the hashtag #MerlinClub

Wednesday Randomness: Take Me Away!

For Wednesday Bloggin’ this week, Bronwyn, Leigh and I are listing five place we’d like to visit. Now, I’m keeping things pretty general with this one, because if I listed every specific thing I’d like to visit and see before I die… Well, I don’t think anyone would read a blogpost that long!

So here goes nothing…


This is the big one; the destination on the top of my wish list.My entire life I’ve wanted to visit Ireland. I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt a pull. I hope one day to go. I could spend hours exploring, take hundreds of pictures, drink many pints of beer. It’d be heaven. 🙂 Just look at the gorgeousness…




Grand Canyon

I’d have thought by now, the Grand Canyon would have been crossed off my bucket list, but no such luck. I really hope this one happens soon. It is just beautiful, isn’t it? I just want to soak it all in.




Always wanted to visit Italy, and Rome in particular. The architecture fascinates me. And the food…and THE WINE. Oh, I think I could spend a lot of time in this country and be just fine. 🙂



I think a trip to a vineyard is a must, don’t you?


I’ve had family live in Alaska and have always wanted to visit. To see the mountains and vastness of it all. Growing up in Upper Michigan, I’ve had the joy of seeing Northern Lights but I can only imagine how spectacular they’d be in Alaska. Maybe one day…




Soon, I’ll be able to cross this one off my list! 🙂 I’ll be taking a trip in the fall to England and I cannot wait. (Seriously, I’m so excited I could almost pee my pants!) I have so many things I want to see, and I know I won’t be able to see them all. So I’m still working on my absolute must see list. One thing I know that is on there? The Globe Theatre – Yeah, I’m a dork. I totally know that and am fine with it.
The Globe


And that’s it fr
om me this week. 🙂 Be sure to check out Bron’s post and Leigh’s post.

What about you? Where have you always wanted to go?


MERLIN CLUB: The Poisoned Chalice


Or The One Where Jess Feels Guilty For Finding a Dying Merlin Moaning Arthur’s Name Insanely Hot (But Not Really Because, Come On, Guys, He Was Sweaty, In Bed, And Moaning Arthur’s Name!!)

RECAP – This episode opens with Nimueh incanting a spell with a flower in her pool of water. She puts the now clear petal into a silver chalice and menacingly says, “Merlin” as only she does. 

King Bayard of Mercia has come to sign a peace treat with Camelot. Nimueh is there, posing as a servant, Cara, and totally rocking a turban (covering up her crimped hair which makes Bron cringe every time she sees it.) She flirts with Merlin a bit when they bump into each other in the halls then she switches a goblet in Bayard’s chambers with her poisoned one. A bit of banter between our boys…and Arthur shows Merlin the “ceremonial clothes” Merlin is to wear at the banquet. Merlin is less than thrilled .

Though Arthur is quite amused. 

Later, when Bayard presents two goblets to Uther and Arthur, Nimueh pulls Merlin to the side and says she saw Bayard poisoning Arthur’s. Merlin rushes back in and prevents Arthur from drinking from the cup. There is much arguing – Bayard is offended, Uther is just a dick, Arthur is trying to get Merlin out of trouble while calling him an idiot. It all ends with Uther ordering Merlin to drink from the cup. If it’s poisoned, he wants the pleasure of killing Bayard himself, and if it’s not, Bayard is free to do what he wants with Merlin. Arthur is particularly displeased with this arrangement (because he luuuuuurves Merlin) but Merlin bravely drinks. For a moment, it looks like all is well, but then Merlin begins to cough and grab his throat. He quickly collapses. 

Just look at Arthur’s face when he realizes Merlin is, indeed, poisoned. 

It’s no surprise that he is the first to Merlin’s side. 

Arthur carries Merlin to Gaius’ chambers, with Gwen following with the poisoned chalice. Gaius discovers the poisonous flower petal stuck inside the cup and explains to Arthur it is the Mortaeus flower, and the only antidote comes from leaves from the same plant which is found in caves beyond the Forest of Balor. To go after the antidote would be a perilous journey. Arthur asks what would happen to Merlin without the antidote. Gaius says he only has days and would die a very painful death. Arthur decides he will go get it. Uther (surprise, surprise) forbids it, saying Arthur’s life is more important that Merlin’s. Even though I can see Uther’s view, to a point – Arthur is his sole heir and needs to be kept safe – it’s scenes like this that show what a douchecanoe Uther is. 

Arthur: I can’t stand by and watch him die!

Uther: Then don’t t look.

Hey Uther
Hey Uther….

Morgana goes to Arthur and says that Camelot would rather have a king who would save a servant than one who simply did what his father told him to. 

Just a side note, how freaking gorgeous is Katie McGrath? 


So Arthur heads off to get the leaves needed for the antidote. Meanwhile, Merlin is getting worse and it looks like the poison will kill him sooner than originally thought. After a bit of research, Gaius realizes that magic has been used to make the poison more potent and Nimueh is the one who is powerful enough to do such a thing. 

In the forest, Arthur comes across Nimueh. She is disguised as a maiden who has run away from an abusive master. She does some very convincing (*eyeroll*) fake crying, and suddenly, there is a cockarice (a bad ass looking thing) attacking. Nimueh smirks (this is the default expression of anyone evil in the land of Camelot, folks) as Arthur fights the beast. Don’t worry, he slays it. 

After he kills it, Nimueh tells him she knows where the flower can be found and offers to lead him there. While in the cave, she casts another spell and the ledge Arthur is on collapses. She leaves him clinging to the edge of the cave, telling him it isn’t his destiny to die at her hand. (Though I find fault with this logic….wouldn’t this technically be dying at her hand? Sure, she didn’t blast him with magic or anything but she is causing his death directly.)

Back in Camelot, an unconsious Merlin begins to mutter about Arthur and says magical words. Gauis quickly tells Gwen that it’s just nonsense and sends her to go get some water to help keep the fever down. A magical orb of light appears in Merlin’s palm and an identical one appears in the cave to lead Arthur to safety.

But then these giant spider things start in on Arthur. And I’ll be honest, people, at this point, I’d be all “Sorry, Merlin, so done with this.” I’d probably be plummeting to the bottom of the cavern in sheer horror. 


Arthur manages to pick leaves from the flower and climbs out of the cave, following Merlin’s light. When he returns to Camelot, though, he isn’t able to get them to Gaius. He is arrested and thrown in the dungeon for disobeying Uther. Arthur begs his father to take the flower to Gaius, that he’ll take whatever punishment Uther doles out, just save Merlin. The king, however, sees this as a teaching moment and crushes the flower and drops it outside the cells, saying Arthur can get a new servant when he’s released

Hey, Uther…

Arthur yells after him then tries to reach the flower through the bars of his cell. 

Gwen pretends to be sent to bring food to Arthur in the dungeon. Arthur manages to give her the flower. She gets it to Gaius, who uses magic, though it’s forbidden, to create the antidote. He quickly gives it to Merlin. Merlin stops breathing, and Gwen and Gaius assume he’s dead and embrace in their grief. Merlin awakes and says “That’s disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re old enough to be her grandfather.” (I love sassy Merlin. LOL) Gwen, overcome with relief, kisses him.

As they watch the Mercian’s leave, Uther tells Arthur he did the right thing (too little too late, IMO) and it is so freaking obvious that Uther is hiding something from Arthur. Something big. 

Hey, Uther…

Arthur goes to Gaius and Merlin’s chambers to make sure Merlin is all right. 

In this moment, I’m certain Merlin is debating whether to lean over and tongue Arthur’s ring. I’m even more certain the only reason he didn’t is because Gaius was right there. (total cock block that he is).

*ahem* Anyway, after Arthur leaves, Merlin asks why Nimueh would go through all the trouble of framing Bayard instead of just letting Arthur drink the poison and die. Gaius says Nimueh would have known Merlin would be forced to drink it. Merlin was the target, not Arthur. Gauis says, “It seems that someone else knows you’re destined for great things.”  

If I’d written this episode, I would have changed… I know I mentioned it in last week’s post, but I wouldn’t have so much between Merlin and Gwen. I don’t like it. They REALLY played up somethign happening between them. Mostly on Gwen’s side. Like when he’s checking out Nimueh at the feast, Gwen is pissed. Even going so far as to walk away and go stand by Gaius. Then the kiss she lays on him when she realizes he’s recovered was not a platonic kiss. 

There are many reasons I don’t like the pairing and to discuss most of them would be major spoiler-y, so I’m just going to leave it at I don’t like the romantic stuff between them. The close friendship…love it and would want to see that continue. I don’t see the point of muddying it with romance. 

The thing I loved and/or hated about this episode—I love how much people are willing to do to save Merlin, even though he is “only a servant.” Arthur defies Uther and goes for the antidote, Gwen puts herself at risk to go down to dungeons to get the flower (and nearly gets caught), and Gaius uses magic (presumably for the first time since the ban on magic was started) to create the antidote. All three of them took great risks to save Merlin.  

Something I never noticed about this episode before—I never noticed Gwen changed dresses during the episode. Yes, another Gwen dress thing. But, to be fair I’m on the look out for it now. She is wearing something new – a yellow gown for the banquet with their Mercian guests.

But you’ll notice later in the episode, she changed back into her “everyday” dress. (See kissing pic above) So perhaps the yellow one is for special occasions? 
Favorite costume—Morgana wins again. Adore this gown

Here is proof of some random head canon I’ve created—Arthur and Merlin have an amazing  connection that goes beyond friendship (or romance, if you think that way, and you know I doooooo!) They are really two halves and the whole magical orb thing shows this. They are who knows how far away from each other and Merlin is freaking unconscious, dying, and still doing everything he can to save Arthur. He somehow knows exactly what is happening with Arthur. They are so connected…because they were made for each other. 

What would Bronwyn steal from Camelot in this episode—It’s not an object this week or a decoration. Bron will take one dungeon, please, Arthur included.


I know for a fact, Bron has had all manner of dirty thoughts about this scene. I hope against all hope that she writes a fanfic based on this. I NEED it. I think we all need it….badly. Get on it, Bron!

What made Jen lose her shit (in a good or bad way) in this episode? This was a hard one this week. So two small things when Gaius tells Uther it was Nimueh who poisoned the goblet – One, Uther really doesn’t believe it at first. Which is just stupid. She brought on the Afanc last episode so why is he so shocked that she would strike again? And two, he also says something along the lines “That witch’s face is not easily forgotten”. Well, she WAS wearing a turban, Uther.

Perhaps it has powers, like Clark Kent’s glasses, that make the wearer unrecognizable? I mean, perhaps she has changed her appearance through magic, but there’s no indication of that. Every time we’ve seen her, it’s with this face, so….who knows? Whatever, I like the idea of a magical turban, in any case. 🙂


The Merlin Club Drinking Game is up! The list will grow as we work though the series, trust me, but I’ll make sure to let you know! 😉 Also if you think something should be added, let me know in the comments.

And I will leave you with a delicious sight…

“Faster, Arthur, move faster…”

Bron’s Merlin Club: The Poisoned Chalice Post

Jen’s Merlin Club: The Poisoned Chalice Post

Until the next episode—Lancelot—which we will be watching Monday, 2/17, at 8pm EST. We’ll be on Twitter with the hashtag #MerlinClub

MERLIN CLUB: The Drinking Game


Play along, but please play responsibly, folks. 🙂 We don’t want anyone going to the ER for Merlin Club!

Take a drink every time…

…destiny is mentioned

…Uther executes or threatens to execute someone.

…whenever SORCERY is blamed for something.
…whenever the warning bells go off

…Gaius’ eyebrow lifts.

…Merlin uses magic to save Arthur.

…Morgana has a nightmare.

…Arthur throws something at Merlin.

…Arthur calls Merlin an idiot.

…Merlin goes to the dragon for advice/help.
…Arthur gets knocked out.
…the current villain smirks (unnoticed by anyone, of course)

…Merlin and Arthur engage in EYESEX