April Check-in

Happy last Friday of April! I’m currently sitting in the Orlando airport – heading back home after a short getaway with the hubby. A much needed one. We don’t often get to take time away together. So when he had a conference in Orlando and asked if I wanted to tag alone, I said yes before he was even done asking. Especially as he’ll be traveling for work most of the next month and I won’t be seeing him *sad panda*

It’s been a lovely little vaca, and as I said, much, MUCH needed, but I’m ready to get back home and get back to work.

So…time to check in. Here were my goals for April (I’m actually a bit afraid to look at this as it’s been a weird month and I feel as though I’ve accomplished nothing.)

  • Publish Safeword Protected – Going to be cutting it way close on this one. It *may* end up being the first week of May. Not happy about that. Kinda pissed at myself, to be perfectly honest. 

  • Complete Into the Deep – Yeah, we’re not even going to talk about this one.  No “kinda” about it…pissed at myself.

  • Self-care and house stuff – This, I’ve actually kept up on. 

  • Complete all scheduled April blog posts – Including this post…DONE.
  • Complete May newsletter short – Still a work in progress. But will be done soon, in time for our May newsletter. 
  • Keep Writing & Publishing and Marketing bujos updated – Done

  • Come up with a reasonable writing schedule for the next couple months (Keyword: REASONABLE, Jarman!) – I’m still working on this. Mostly because my life schedule (or all the schedules that impact my life – hubby’s work/travel, kids’ school schedules…) will be drastically changing in the next couple weeks with hubby’s travel and the  kids finishing up school, etc.) But I’m making progress. 


Overall, I’m not super happy with April.

But not going to dwell. Going to move forward. So, goals for May… I’m going super duper simple this month.

  • Write daily – doesn’t matter if it’s only a paragraph. Heck a sentence. But writing DAILY.
  • Keep up on self-care and house stuff
  • All scheduled May blog posts
  • Complete short for May newsletter.

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6 Replies to “April Check-in”

  1. Believe it or not, I am kind of glad Safeword Protected didn’t come out yet. My April was . . . well you really don’t want to know. Just suffice it to say I haven’t been reading much. I know! You don’t like it, but it is all good! Spending time with family is totally awesome! Especially little get aways with hubby. Fantastic.

  2. I think you did an utterly amazing job!! And self-care is so important, more important than pretty much everything else. So go you!!!!

  3. I agree with Gwen. You’re my inspiration for doing the self-care stuff. Making it a priority has been super important for my sanity in April, so you keep up that shit! I’m hoping that since I’ve made the self-care a priority in April it’ll be easy to keep it up in May and look at focusing on some other areas.

    Also? End-of-school-year stuff. May is PACKED and my calendar is simply crazy! I totally get it.

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