April 2019 Monthly Check-in

I don’t even know what the heck happened to April. All I can say for the month is

Not gonna lie – April was a really, REALLY tough month. For a lot of personal/family reasons I won’t be going into. Suffice to say, this past month took a sharp turn away from all the good progress I was making during the first quarter of the year.

I don’t even want to look back at what I set to do for the month, because I know I didn’t even come close. Not going to waste time and beat myself up over something over and done with, though. That isn’t going to accomplish anything, yeah?

I did get two books re-released, which wasn’t on my list, so I feel good about that. I did something productive! Woot.

Eden Books | B&N | Amazon Google Play |Kobo | iBooks

His sister’s best friend. A part of the family. The love of his life?
Eden Books | B&N | Amazon Google Play |Kobo | iBooks

Darcy and Mac are “best friends with benefits”, but now, Mac wants more than just the hot sex. He wants Darcy forever. And he’ll risk everything to get her.

So, that little happy news aside, let’s just call April over and done with and move forward…

For May… *sigh* It’s hard for me to set goals, because all the things that tripped me up in April? Still happening. So, I’m going to keep it simple.

  • Get back to writing EVERY SINGLE DAY. Hit that 250 words/day minimum.
  • Make sure to practice good self care. Boy-howdy, do I need to remember to do this.
  • Remember that a stumble, a bump in the road, doesn’t mean it’s all over. Just have to right myself and keep moving.

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