Wednesday Randomness: Apps I Love and/or Can’t Live Without

This week, for our tandem post, Bronwyn and I decided to blog about the apps we love and/or can’t live without. Check out Bron’s post here.

I don’t have anything amazing as far as apps go, really. But there are some that I use ALL THE TIME.



Don’t need to say much more than that, yeah? Always have to have email!

Social Media
Yet more ways to be constantly connected. 🙂 These are the best for when I’m waiting for kids to finish an activity or something. Especially when I don’t know how long it will be and I don’t want to start reading a book just to have to stop when the kid(s) climb in the car.
Tumblr – Ah, the place I can fangurl it up with my people. 🙂
Twitter & Facebook – You never know when you need to tweet/post something. LOL And I can scroll through my feed/wall any time I want.
Pinterest – This is my favorite for small periods of time. Just scrolling through pretty pics….yay.
Heath & Fitness


In my attempt to be healthier and get in shape, I use several apps.
My Fitness Pal – Love, love, love this app. It’s what I use to track my food intake. The best part is I can just scan barcodes to input my food. Honestly, anything that makes it easier is a keeper for me.
Pink Pad – This is a girl app. Won’t go into too much detail. LOL Let’s just say, I am horrible at keeping track of the time of the month. This apps helps me know exactly what is happening so I don’t get caught unawares – which totally sucks.
Runtastic PRO – I will say upfront, I DO NOT RUN. That’s just crazy talk. The hubby and the kids run (seriously, hubby did a marathon – INSANE); I do not. BUT I do walk. And it will track my distance and time.
BodyMedia FIT– I have a BodyMedia armband that tracks calories burned, hours slept, steps taken etc. It’s linked to my My Fitness Pal account so my calorie intake goal for the day is adjusted automatically for me. I can look at the app and know how far I’m off of my targets for the day. I use this one A LOT.
These are for fun, of course. Looking up videos on YouTube (the majority of which may or may not be fan made Merthur videos 😉 ), reading books on Nook and Kindle. I prefer to read on my iPad, but I have all the apps I talked about on both my phone and tablet so it all works out. 🙂
I am NOT good at explaining games, so I won’t even attempt to do so here. But I’ll let you know the few games I play regularly and don’t bore the crap out of me. LOL My phone used to be FULL of games but then the kids got their own smartphones and no longer use mine. 😀
Temple Run…just fun.
Hand & Foot – A card game. I enjoy it.
Words with Friends.

And that’s it, really.

Any apps you can’t live without? Or just love?



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