Saying goodbye to 2015…

Like any other year, 2015 was a mix. Good, bad, exciting, frustrating…but gonna focus on the good today, and then, gonna make 2016 even better. 🙂


I finished writing London Bound this month, and it was a hard won but fantastic accomplishment in my life. I was writing something I’d never written before and battling some serious self-doubt about it. Luckily, I have the best people in my life; they helped push and prod me along. And I’m so glad they did, because this is a book I’m very proud of.

FEBRUARYScreen Shot 2016-01-05 at 8.36.40 PM

This was about the time, after London Bound was completed, that Bronwyn and I first started talking about doing a series together, and the Bound series was born.


Released London Bound. I love this book, and it was the start of the Bound series with Bronwyn. One of the best things of my 2015, IMO.


Went home for a 2 long weekends in a row. One of the kiddos spent her spring break up there and I was transport. But it wasn’t just that. Nope, I got to spend quality time with my girl, see Mom and Dad as well as my sister and her family – including meeting my newest niece – and enjoy a bit of a break from “real life”. And don’t get to see my parents and siblings nearly enough. So this made me very happy.


Attended Austin Author Affair. Had a fantastic time! Saw old friends, made some new, met some fab people. A wonderful time, despite the crazy flight delays and time spent in the airport. Mostly because I didn’t mind the time in the airport since it meant more time with Bron, and we were able to do some fun planning with the Bound series.


My oldest graduated this month. One of the proudest moments of my life – even if it makes me feel old. Add the fact my parents came into town, so it was another fantastic time with family and it was a highlight of my year.

RETREAT!!!!! This will always, always be on my Best of list for any year. Seriously. A week away with several of my favorite people in the world, relaxation, lots of writing, MONK MUFFINS (muffins made by monks that make us sing they are so good), laughing so, so much…. The only serious downside to this year was Norris wasn’t able to make it, but we texted her lots, sent her selfies, and she’d better be there this year (you hear that, Norris? DO YOU??)


Shockingly, camping is on the list this year. And anyone who knows me knows me saying camping and favorites in the same post… Well, it’s not likely to happen. But it did this year! We camped over fourth of July weekend with the hubs’ family, celebrated my birthday, and the best part, I was able to do it with all my kids. Oldest spends his summers away working but was able to get the time off to come and see us. It was the best. 🙂


What is becoming a yearly tradition – I spent a week at Bron’s house this summer. It was AWESOME. I was able to get a ton of writing done, made Bron ugly cry, visited with a bunch of other friends while there, wished some others were around to make it absolutely perfect, drank ciders, drooled over Colin Morgan (please, you can’t be surprised), bugged Bron’s family and warned them I’d be back. 🙂

IMG_0609 IMG_0612While there, I got my second tattoo (Got my first the year before when I was there – the hubs is a bit afraid THIS will become a yearly tradition 😉 ) I love it – it’s the sword that’s on my Albion covers. 🙂
AC 3 - EDGE OF DARKNESSReleased Edge of Darkness, book three of my Albion’s Circle series. This was a helluva hard book to write and finishing and releasing it was amazing.


Released Nothing Serious, book four of the Bound series and my second contribution. This was my first MM book I released, though I’ve written MMF menages, had MM couples featured in books – like Albion’s Circle books.

If I had to choose a favorite book/release of 2015, it would be this one. I fell in love with Jack and Aaron, and it was actually hard to write “The End” on this one. I didn’t want to say goodbye.

OCTOBERScreen Shot 2016-01-05 at 6.50.35 PM
Released Tempted to Death as part of a paranormal collection, Dark Pursuit, with some pretty fabulous ladies – Kris Norris, Paige Prince and Bronwyn Green. Tempted to Death was a fun book to write, a MMF menage, which is now available as a single title release.


Okay, November was a tough month. I was sicker than sick, was having a hard time finding the ever elusive balance, and as a result, not much happened writing wise.


But I got through it, yeah? And started my game plan for 2016. So that’s a plus.


I went home for Christmas. Being able to spend the holidays with my parents, my sister and her family was a fantastic way to round out the year.

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  1. I’m not the only one that sang Monk Muffins to the tune of Hot Pockets, right? Also, sorry again for squeezing your newly tattooed shoulder the day after. 🙂

  2. Okay.. first off.. yes I’ll freaking be there this year. No graduating children. Second… maybe the monks will finally have bagels (if I don’t believe it’ll never happen. Hello). third…. I love that you have the Chuck gif… just watched that episode a few days ago.. and lastly… love your books, and the tat… all of it.

  3. You had such an amazing year!!! And I laughed when I saw camping on the positive list. LOL! Did you have an air mattress? Was it like floating on a cloud???

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